Monday, April 22, 2019

DOll-A-Day 2019 #112: 35th Annversary Midge

  Today's doll is another anniversary one.She's this girl:

She's 35th Anniversary Midge.

Midge was Barbie's first friend,(besides Ken.)

Midge made her debut in 1963. The box date on this doll is 1997,but her 35th anniversary would have been 1998. You can also see her original price, $39.99. Not that bad really.

I think that, overall, Mattel did a great job with this Midge.

Her face paint looks pretty authentic,other than her lips being shiny.

Her hair is too silky though. 


Vintage Midge had sort of straw like hair,like Skooter. The doll they show on the back of the box appears to be a vintage Midge with her lips touched up.


This was a habit Mattel had with their early reproductions. The boxes and publicity photos usually showed the actual vintage doll,instead of the reproduction.This was misleading. I think they have stopped doing it now.
  Midge originally came as a blonde, brunette, or titian (redhead.) Most people think of her as a redhead though, so it was a good choice for Mattel to make the reproduction a redhead. My childhood Midge is a redhead. Modern Midge dolls have all been redheads.

Repro Midge comes with reproductions of her original booklet...

...white mules...

...and swimsuit...

Original Midge actually had three different original swimsuits, depending on her hair colour. Brunette Midge had a red and pink 2 piece,blonde Midge had a light blue/dark blue combo,and red haired, or titian Midge got stuck with this orange and chartreuse horror. Strangely enough,all the original boxes picture a red head in the blue swimsuit. well as a wrist tag, which clearly says '35th Anniversary'...

'Clearly',although not in my photo!

..and a reproduction of her original box. 

Most people think of Midge in 'Senior Prom'. It really suits her,and looks great on a redhead. But Senior Prom wasn't actually Midge's. Midge had no clothes with her name on the label. (Although, after Midge's introduction,Mattel changed the name on the Barbie body mold to read 'Barbie and Midge'.) She shared Barbie's clothes. 'Senior Prom',like everything else Midge wore,(except her swimsuit), was labeled 'Barbie'.  It was still Midge's even to Mattel though,as that's the outfit they reproduced for her with this doll.

The dress is provided, along with the green mules with peal accents....

The pearls on these are flat on the back. The originals were round pearl beads.

...and the dimpled gold foil purse.

  That purse was used by Mattel for years. Oddly enough,that same gold foil purse,sometimes in silver,is still appearing in generic fashion doll sets! These days it's made of vinyl,and the colour doesn't peel off.
  I have the same complaint about the 35th anniversary reproduction Midge that I have with the 35th anniversary repro Barbie. The legs are too shiny,and have a mold line up the front of them,and the hands have ragged mold lines.

  They were a bit sloppy with that toenail paint.

  There is some variety in early Midge dolls. Some of them had very curly hair,a rare Midge without freckles,and there is a rare Midge that had teeth painted in the gap between her lips. If you buy one, be careful. Some of them have been faked. When the American Girl Barbie came out, an 'American Girl' version of Midge was also released. She had a shorter hairstyle that curled under,instead of over,bend legs, and a striped one piece swimsuit.

  That's today's doll. See you again tomorrow.

Doll-A-Day 2019 #111: Chenille Chick

  Just a quick post today,since it's very late,and I feel really awful. Today was a full day. Ken got off work early. Fuzz and Emma came over,and we had Ivy on video call,so we were all together. I made curried eggs,mashed potatoes, and artichokes. The artichokes cooked for HOURS and never got soft! I had a bad headache and started to feel really lousy. I hate potatoes and I'm not supposed to eat curried anything,so I had a boiled egg and later some vegetarian sausages. I still have a headache,so eating didn't help. I'll be so glad when whatever this is that I have is over!
  Today we're looking at this cute little girl:

She's a chenille chick.

I wanted to take her out of her container and use her in some cute pictures for Easter. But someone has really sealed this container, which originally held Max Factor Hypnotique Sophist-Cat perfume,in it's cat shaped bottle.

It looks like the only way I'll ever get the chick out is to break the container,and I might crush the chick in the process.
  This is an old chenille chick, but they are still made, although not usually as well as this one. The chenille chicks that are sold these days are bright yellow and decidedly thin on fluff. You see them sold in the Easter section of most stores and in craft stores.

You may have heard of chenille bedspreads,those old fashioned ones with the raised fluffy designs on them. The name chenille refers to a type of yarn, or the fabric made from the yarn. Chenille was invented in France in the 18th century. The word 'chenille' is French for caterpillar, because chenille feels like a caterpillar's 'fur'. 

The original technique for making chenille was to weave a leno fabric,which was then cut into strips to make chenille yarn. Chenille bedspreads were invented in Georgia in the 1890's,and use a different technique. The bedspreads became so popular in the 1920's and 1930's,that many families made a living throughout the depression in the chenille bedspread business,some even becoming millionaires in the middle of the depression. Some of you who collect American Girls may be thinking of Kit's green chenille bedspread. Today chenille enjoys a popularity amongst fans of shabby chic. I still have my mother's chenille bedspread,and a velvety chenille robe that I wore as a very small kid. (My kids all wore it too!)
  That's all,but before I go,I want to ask for all those prayers, good vibes, positive thoughts and good wishes once again. This time they are needed for Fuzzy's new girlfriend Makayla. Makayla is only 24 years old, and has cervical cancer. She was supposed to come over with Fuzzy today, but was having pain and needed to sleep. Please use whatever technique you believe in,but send something positive Mayayla's way. Thank you.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #110: The Healthnuggles

  A couple of days ago we saw some tiny anthropomorphic bears. Today we're going to look at another anthropomorphic family. It's this little bear family.

They're called the Healthnuggles.

They're Li'l Woodzeez.

Li'l Woodzeez are made by Battat, who also make Our Generation dolls. The dolls aren't marked at all, and their clothes are only marked like this:

And the furniture is only stamped with numbers. But the bedding is marked Battat.


Li'l Woodzeez are obviously meant as competition for Sylvanian Families,and Calico Critters. Like those lines,Li'l Woodzeez is made up of incredibly cute anthropomorphic animals,with all kinds of cute houses and playsets. The furniture resembles Sylvanian Families furniture.

The family consists of Dad...
Dad is 3 inches tall.

Mom is also 3 inches tall.

...the older kid,and the baby.

Older kid is 2 1/2 inches tall, and the baby is 1 3/4 inches tall. I'm guessing these kids weren't originally naked.

The bed obviously belongs to the older kid.

You can watch a commercial  for Li'l Woodzeez HERE.

  That's it for today. For those of you celebrating Easter tomorrow,have a happy Easter. I'll be here alone all day, as Ken has to work, Emma is coming when Ken gets off work,Ivy is at college,and Fuzzyand his girlfriend aren't coming until the evening. But when everybody gets here we will be exchanging Easter baskets,(Yes, I still make up Easter baskets for the kids,and Ken too! These days Emma and Fuzz want less edibles and Ivy wants just as much. So I replace most of Fuzz and Emma's basket budget with things,not sweets.),and we'll have dinner. Emma had her wisdom teeth removed earlier in the week,and she still can't eat spicy foods or things that take much chewing. I can't eat spicy foods because my LPR diet doesn't allow it. So we'll be having regular mashed potatoes for us,and Ken and Fuzzy will be the onyl ones to eat the curried eggs I usually make.I'm making some artichokes,which are Emma's favourites, but she's not sure she'll be able to eat them.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 # 109: 35th Anniversary Barbie

  Ken and I were talking recently about this being Barbie's 60th anniversary year. Ken said it seemed not that long ago that this doll was released:

This is the 35th Anniversary Barbie.

Obviously she would have been released in 1994.

Although her box date is 1993.

This doll came as a blonde,or a brunette.

This is actually the second edition of the 35th anniversary doll. You can tell that because she has the proper arched eyebrows.

The first edition came out with the wrong eyebrows! Mattel, what were you thinking? The first anniversary doll came out with rounded eyebrows,when everybody knows that the first Barbie doll, now known as the 'Number One',  has pointed eyebrows.So Mattel fixed the eyebrows. Then the other thing people complained about were her bangs. Number one Barbies have tightly curled bangs,while the repro has loose curls. A lot of people recurled the bangs on the 35th Anniversary dolls to make them right.

The box pictured a doll with curlier bangs.

Number One Barbie also has weird white eyeballs. They got that right on this doll.

She has the appropriate gold hoop earrings.

And of course, she's wearing the classic zebra striped swimsuit,although this one had clear elastic straps to maintain Barbie's modesty!

These clear straps have died from old age.
The reproduction even has it's own wrist tag,which clearly says 'reproduction'. Mattel have been very good about marking reproductions and repro clothing so it can't be mistaken for the originals.

Her classic sunglasses were also provided,as well as her white mules.

They aren't nearly as well made as the originals though.

A reproduction of the original Barbie box is included in the set. I'm pretty sure it is clearly labeled 'reproduction'.

One of my complaints about the reproduction was the mold line down the front of the doll's legs.

She has very shiny legs too,which just didn't look right. And the mold line around the hands is very ragged.

She has toenail paint,as well as fingernail paint. There's that mold line on the legs.

  That's it for today. See you again tomorrow for another doll.