Saturday, June 15, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #167: Lotte Sievers Hahn Ladies

  Today's dolls are two I got on Mother's Day, when Emma and I went antique shopping. They're these ladies.

They're so cute! They're dolls by Lotte Seivers Hahn.

They're about 8 inches tall.

Lotte Seivers Hahn was from northern Germany. She trained to be a toymaker,and started her own company in 1929. Originally she carved all of the figures herself,and specialized in nativity scenes. The company is still a family business,and is still known mainly for their nativity scenes.

All of her figures are hand carved from limewood,a popular wood for carvers in the Renaissance era.

The legs are jointed where they meet the body, so the girls can sit down.

Unlike the smaller dolls, these girls' legs have a shape to them,more like real legs.

The arms are simple,with mitten hands.

The arms are connected at the shoulders by a strip of leather. they can move up and down,but can't hold a pose.

The face is simple, with features more suggested than detailed.

Lotte's style of carving was to use only a few quick strokes of the knife. She taught her employees to use her methods,and the dolls made today seem to still be made this way.

Their very simple faces are hand painted with oil paints.

The company still hand carves all their figures from limewood,and paints them with oil paints, just like Lotte herself did. They don't seem to make them with moveable limbs anymore though.

As the old pantyhose commercial used to say, "Nobody knows, until the wind blows." These girls are wearing what amount to boxer shorts.
They are wearing regional costumes from Germany I am guessing.

Maybe some of our readers from that area, or the surrounding countries,can tell us something about this lady's hat. Helga?

Both dolls have long braids.

She has a nail in her back! I'm guessing that,like the Baitz dolls,her clothes are nail on with tiny nails,or pins.

I have a group of smaller Lotte Seivers Hahn dolls. I got them online several years ago. You can see my post on them HERE.

 You can visit the Lotte Sievers Hahn company website HERE.

  Those have been today's dolls. See you tomorrow for another one.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #166: Cowgirl Cool Kylie

Yee Ha! Today we're looking at this girl.

She's a Paradise Kids doll named Cowgirl Cool Kylie.

She's 10 inches tall.

She is wearing most of her original outfit. Her Western shirt has fake snaps and fake pockets.

She has bell bottomed jeans. Or maybe those are flared for boots.

Her jeans have fake pockets too...

...and close in the back with Velcro.
Still baggy though.
Her boots are only ankle height.


Her undies are painted on.

She should also have a white furry vest and white cowgirl hat.

She has bendy legs that can move outward,so she can ride a Paradise horse.

Her arms are kind of spindly and I don't see them holding any reins.

You may have seen my post on my other Paradise Kids doll. If not, you can see her day HERE.

I think this girl has the same face sculpt.

Her hair doesn't seem to be as good quality though.

That's the doll for today. See you again tomorrow.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #165: Penny Brite Clone

  Today's doll is one I got in a trade with a Flickr friend. She may look a little familiar.

She looks familiar, but she's not who she resembles. She has Penny Brite's face,but she's a clone.

She has Penny's dimples and eyes with the pie slice of shine in them...

...and that  toothy Penny smile.

She's only marked Hong Kong,so I have no idea who she might be.

She is actually taller than Penny.

Penny is 8 inches tall,while the clone girl is 9 inches.

There was also never a Penny Brite with black hair. Penny was always blonde.

Clone girl has sort of a Prince Valiant 'do,instead of Penny's fluffy hair with side flips.

She isn't made of the same quality plastic/vinyl as Penny. Her legs have thick mold lines and her  fingers have stray flashing too.

She also doesn't have the bendy limbs Penny has.

 She can only do the spread legged sit.

 She also has a weird hunk of scalp sticking up out of her hair.

You can see my posts on Penny Brite HERE and HERE,and my post on a different Penny Clone HERE.

The dress she's wearing is a random dress I had that fits her. I think it belongs to Cricket.

So long!

  That's today's doll. See you again tomorrow for another doll.