Friday, November 24, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #328: Jean Jeans Paper Dolls

  I hope all those in the U.S. had a nice Thanksgiving. Today's doll,continuing our paper doll theme, is Jean Jeans.

No, I never heard of her before either.

These paper dolls were made by Whitman (Of course!) in 1975.

Jean Jeans loves a certain type of fabric. Can you guess what it is?!

She has a complete wardrobe which is super heavy on the,you guessed it,JEANS!

I have one more set of paper dolls from this box of them that I somehow ended up with from an auction or somewhere. I'm going to save that set for a theme week down the road. but I wanted to show you the box. I love when I get things with messages and things from the original child owners. Some of them are really funny, like the shoe box of stuff I got at a yard sale that bore the warning,'Top Secret Rocks! Do Not Open!',and some are sweet. This box commemorates the love a little girl named Sara had for a boy named Teyo, and how someone named Mimi was  'so mean' to someone named Amy.

See you tomorrow for a doll, before the girls and I go to Akron to see Squeeze,

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #327: Wispy Walker Paper Dolls

  Today's paper doll set is this one.

They're Wispy Walker paper dolls.

Wispy Walker,by Uneeda, was one of those 'hold my hand and I walk with you' dolls that were almost 3 feet tall. They were around forever,(and Amazon has a Wispy right now, which is supposed to be part of the Uneeda Classic Collction' of repro Uneeda dolls.),but I didn't realize Wispy Walker was popular enough to warrant it's own paper doll set.

These were made by,who else,Whitman,in 1976.
There are some cute outfits amongst the very 70's fare.

On the other hand...

As some of you may know, love sailor suits, so of course,I picked this one to have her try on.

There is even a granny dress,which was a popular style of the era.

Is the red one a dress or a nightgown though?

Eww. I think my sister had those ugly pants!
 I wore those horrible 70's clothes too as a kid.

 I don't think I thought much about fashion at the time!
From the look of that top outfit, neither did Wispy!

I'm not sure how complete this  set is,since a lot of the clothes had been cut. That's the other thing that always annoyed me about paper dolls,(other than the clothes never staying on.): you have to cut all those clothes out! All those little ruffles and stuff! It took forever. You really had to  work for that toy! Not worth it! (I still bought them for my kids though! What was I thinking?)
  See you tomorrow.happy Thanksgiving in case I don't!

Doll-A-Day 2017 #326: Yellowstone Kelley Paper dolls

  I was so busy yesterday that I managed to take the pictures for this post, but didn't have time to do the post! So, I'm catching up by doing two posts today. keeping with our theme of paper dolls, this post features this lady.

She's Yellowstone Kelley.

The paper dolls were  made by Whitman in 1975.

Yellowstone Kelley was a Barbie friend from 1974,who used the Steffie face.The paper doll doesn't have Steffie's pouty lips though.

They do look vaguely like the illustration on the doll's package...

...and a couple of the paper outfits are Kelley the doll's original doll clothes.

Yellowstone Kelley was supposed to be an outdoorsy type who, supposedly, hung out in Yellowstone Park.

A lot of her clothes don't reflect that though.

In fact, a lot of them look like costumes.

I guess even outdoorsy types dress up once in a while. Besides, there is that camouflage romper.

Somehow, without even meaning to have one of these sets, I have two! It's just as well though, because neither of them is complete.  Putting both sets together, I think most of the clothes are there.

Don't forget to check for today's other post.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #325: Dawn Paper Dolls

  Sometimes I forget that dolls aren't always three dimensional. In going through all the stuff around here lately, I've come upon a lot of things I had completely forgotten about. One of them is this set of paper dolls.

They were made by Whitman Publishing in 1971.

Apparently these were Amy's..whoever she is.

Dawn was, of course, licensed by Whitman from Topper Toys.

Dawn the 3-D doll was a small little lady.The paper version, at 9 1/2" tall, is much bigger than her 3-D counterpart.

Since Dawn came in on the tail end of the Mod Era,her clothes have that Mod influence. These paper dolls do too.

The thing that has me confused about this paper doll set is, it claims to have a  'magic stay on wardrobe',but I don't see anything making the clothes stay on. they sure didn't when I tried.

That was always the thing that frustrated me about paper dolls. The clothes never stayed on. The only paper doll we ever had that didn't constantly lose their clothes, was a Shirley Temple set. Shirley has magnets in her cardboard body,and her clothes have little tin squares that stuck to the magnets. Her clothes stayed on great, unless the magnets fell off the clothes. Then... But Dawn doesn't have any magnets on her body,and her clothes don't have anything either. Was their something like Shirley's magnets and tin squares that's missing from this set? Does anybody know how these clothes are supposed to stay on?

They don't have tabs, so you can't even fall back on that.

  See you tomorrow or some more dolls.