Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #178:More Yard Sale Goodies and a Pile of Tinkerbell Friends

  Yesterday I showed you some Tinkerbell and friends dolls I got at a yard sale on Saturday. I mentioned getting a dress and wings for the Tinkerbell dolls that are about 9" tall.

Well  I got several Tinkerbell friends the size the dress fits at my favourite Goodwill last week, including some naked ones.

I think I've idenified these girls. The two black haired dolls without clothes are Vivdia. The other two dark haired girls in the blue dresses are Silvermist. The red haired girls are Rosetta. The African American girl is Iridessa.
So I was happy to get the dress.

As I said,this is Rosetta.


I  think Rosetta and Zarina are my two favourite Tinkerbell friends.

I've been growing clover for our bunny Jerome.
I had to recomb her hair a little, but it was pretty nice.

It's actually a Tinkerbell dress,but I don't mind.

  The wings must go to a different doll.

I got two Rosetta's because I thought I might try a repaint on the less nice one.

 The Tinkerbell is the same size, but I got her somewhere else the week of the giant Goodwill hauls.

She's complete except for her wings, and minty.

Here are  the two dark haired girls,which I think are Vivdia.

And here are the two dark haired Silvermist dolls.

 I thought they were exactly the same doll,but there were two different dresses. One may have been redressed.

On Saturday I also found a baby doll at a yard sale,who was wearing this 18" doll dress by Bonnie Jean.

The doll was a dollar, but when I asked they were happy to sell me just the dress for 50 cents. Then they pointed out the matching girl's dress.

So I figured I might as well get the set. I was going to use the doll dress for my American Girl or my Journey Girl,but, now I probably won't keep it. I'll just sell the set. Ivy used to love having matching dresses or nighties with her doll,Baby.
Elsewhere I found this hat.It's really familiar. Anybody recognize it?

It looks like it's probably early to mid 1970's.
  Check back tomorrow for another doll. We're going to the movies to see a classic Jimmy Stewart movie called "You Can't Take it With You". We have tickets for the Summer Movie Series at the beautiful Ohio Theatre. So far we've seen "All About Eve" and Hitchcock's "Suspicion". We've seen them all before,but it's nice to see them on a big screen.It would be better if they had some better prints. So far they've been pretty scratchy.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #177: More Yard Sale Goodies: A Pile of Tinkerbell Friends

   Yesterday we saw a My Twinn I got at a yard sale. Today I'm showing you some other dolls I got at a yard sale later the same day.

It's Tinkerbell and friends. These were dressed.

And these weren't.

These tiny dolls are slightly taller than the larger Polly Pocket dolls.

I think they are  from a set like this one:                .

 Tinkerbell is wearing one of the dresses from this set.

Oh.Pixie Sweets. That explains the cupcake theme.

They didn't all have their removeable plastic wings.

 And the wings I got weren't all attached. I may have put the wrong wings on some of them.

I also got a dress and pair of wings, which came in handy. I'll show you those tomorrow.

Doll-A-Day 2017 #176:Yard Sale Finds of the Week,Including My Twinn

  I haven't been to very many yard sales this season. There haven't been very many for one thing.And the few I have been to have been very disappointing. I was getting discouraged and I wasn't very inspired to get up super early,(after staying up very late with Ivy and Ken. Ivy hates going to bed in the summer.),and go out just to find the crap that I didn't want. This weekend we had a huge rain storm on Friday. It poured, and some places were flooded. Ken and I were out anyway, so we went to a few sales as the rain slacked for a while. There wasn't much to be found. On Saturday there was a community sale, so Ken and I went out. It was, as my dad would have said,"the nighest no community sale I ever did see." There were very few sales, and there wasn't much of interest at any of them. In the end I spent $23 the entire day.
 Early on I bought this stuff at one sale.

1/6 scale wooden rocking chair,tiny silver 'tray', and 10 Micro Machines,all for $1!

I thought I might have done pretty well. It was the best I've done so far this season.But soon I went to another sale and found this girl.

She's a My Twinn.

Her  head is marked 1996.

Her wig is coming unglued around the edges.
Her body is marked 2007.

She's one of the 23" My Twinn dolls,like Emma's doll,which I featured on the original Doll-A-Day,back in 2014. You can see her HERE

I got her,her My Twinn tagged dress and shoes, and an extra My Twinn tagged dress and shoes.

She wanted to show you how my leeks are seeding. Pretty, aren't they? Of course, they should have been eaten before getting to this point,but once again they started to go to seed before getting big enough to eat!
 She's also wearing her My Twinn under shirt and underwear.

There are so many head sculpts for My Twinn dolls.I'm never very sure I know which one I have found. I think this girl is Tamsen,but I'm still not sure.

I found what I think is her on a reference page for My Twinn faces. You can see it HERE.

Tamsen is supposed to be rare.

This girl has some scratches on her hands,and some snags on the fabric of one thigh. Otherwise she 's in pretty good shape.

She has a long ash blonde wig.

I bought her from a teenage girl,who I'm assuming was her original owner.

She and her little sister were selling some of their toys.

They weren't asking much for them. I'm not particularly fond of this  doll, but for the price,I couldn't pass her up. She will help finance something else.

So,like the Lenci doll we saw the other day, she is just passing through.

Sorry kid.
As you can see, I  finally got my yard under control.

I weed whackered the whole yard! Now that it's short enough, I should be able to keep it under control with my little mower,although it still needs the blades sharpened. We are pondering if it's worth getting the blades sharpened,since the mower only has one handle,and those little non motorized mowers are so cheap that it probably wouldn't be much more than the sharpening cost to just buy a new mower that would have both handles! The problem is, we can't find anywhere that carries one I like

I did buy some other things yesterday too.Nothing was quite on the level of this doll,but I got some interesting items.

I did get some dolls and other things we'll have a look at tomorrow.