Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #304:Let's Camp Stacie

  Happy Halloween! It was very cold here today,so there were very few trick or treaters brave enough to be out tonight. Those that were out had their costumes hidden under winter coats. Luckily, it wasn't nearly so cold in the doll world,because Tammy World only had short sleeves in her pirate costume,and her friend Maria, who is today's doll, was Snow White.

Maria is really Barbie's sister Stacie,from the Let's Camp! gift set.

Let's Camp! was a Toys R Us exclusive.

I had to make Tammy an eye patch. It wouldn't stay in place, so it had to be tethered to her ponytail!
Maria's costume is the dress borrowed from a Moxie Girlz Snow White,a cape from who knows where, and the shoes are from a Harry Potter Hermione.

It was sold in 2001.

I was never a pirate for Halloween, but it's the kind of thing I would have been. I never wanted to be the princess. I wanted to be the adventurer sort. Fuzzy was a pirate one year.

This is Maria's sister Marcie, who is the Kelly from Let's Camp!.
Maria is the Stacie from the Africa American version.

Stacie and Kelly both had the same head sculpts as the Caucasian versions, but Barbie was a different sculpt.
I bought this set way back then. I couldn't resist. I think the three dolls included in the set are just about the prettiest versions of each of the characters.

Maria and Tammy and a few siblings trick or treating. Gareth World wanted to be a pirate too.
The set included sleeping bags for each of the girls, and a tent,plus some green Coleman camping gear. I'm pretty sure my kids appropriated the tent and the sleeping bags! We used to play doll camping now and then,so that stuff was needed.

I had plans for a more complicated Halloween shoot, but when Ken left for work I suddenly realized it was almost time for trick or treat. I had about a half an hour to take my pictures and get the Halloween candy opened and in a bowl,and get my chair around front to hand the candy out.

I've only been handing candy out the last three years,(And one year I forgot! I was used to not being home on Halloween because we'd have the kids out trick or treating, so it slipped my mind until it was too late. I felt really bad about that.) Our kids went trick or treating for all those years, and people handed candy out to them,so I feel I'm now paying back by handing candy out to this generation of kids.

Of course, you question it when you get kids like one I had tonight. I gave her a pumpkin pie Kit Kat and she said "Ugh!". I could have thought,"You're rude and unappreciative, so lump it." Instead I said,"Oh,don't you like those?" This kid, who had to be at least 6,because she already had grown up front teeth, said,"No. Me don't like pumpkin." *Sigh.* So we saddled her sister with the pumpkin pie and she went home with strawberry and regular mini Kit Kats.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #303: I Dream of Dreary Agnes Dreary

  Today's doll is in keeping with our Halloween mood. Not that she really has anything to do with Halloween, but because she's one of those goth type girls, like Wednesday Addams from The Addams family. In fact, she's pretty dreary...

She's Agnes Dreary.

There were 12 Agnes Drearys made in all,including a rag doll, and a special resin doll. This particular one is 'I Dream of Dreary' Agnes.

Agnes is a Tonner doll.

She was one of the last two Agnes Drearys sold before the line was discontinued. The other was Another Dreary Day. Oddly enough, this one is one of my favourite Agnes dolls, while Another Dreary Day is my least favourite.

I Dream Of  Dreary was a limited edition of 500 dolls.

Agnes shares a body with Tonner dolls Patience and Marley Wentworth.

Patience's large head makes her seem a lot bigger.

Agnes is jointed at the neck,shoulders,elbows,wrists,upper body,hips,knees, and ankles.

She can turn her head side to side and tilt it, or look up or down.

 Agnes has a hand painted face.

Agnes has two brothers,Viktor,who seems to be her twin, and an older one just called 'Brother Dreary'. She also has an older sister with the equally clever name of Sister Dreary.

Ivy thinks Agnes is just creepy,but I like her. I love her dress. It's the most colourful and non goth type dress of all the Agnes dolls.

I like the other Agnes's too. I'm not averse to some gothiness. 

I do draw the line at things like Living Dead dolls and things like that.

Tomorrow is Halloween. We'll see what I can come up with for that.

See you then.