Friday, May 31, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 # 151: Patsy Lookalike

  I have heard from several of you about the trials and tribulations of attempting to 'follow'. There have been some suggestions on what the problem might be or how to solve it. Presto suggested,"I wonder if a possible reason for the problem with your contest entrants is that the 'following' profile might be different than the 'commenting' profile?" and " I tried an entry for the heck of it and noticed that my Blogger profile is what pops up when I comment, rather than my gmail account that's associated with following blogs." Rachael said,"If you're viewing the blog on your phone, there should be a link at the bottom of the page that says "View web version" If you click on that, the followers list on the sidebar shows up. But there is an option, when you follow a blog to follow anonymously- if they've clicked that, whether deliberately or not, they won't show up in the followers list." So we'll see what happens with the competition.
  Today we'll look at a doll you got a glimpse of the other day.

She's obviously a knock off of the popular Patsy doll.
Her face paint looks a bit cheap.

She's about 12 inches tall.

With no markings.

I'm thinking she's compo,but she's not peeling in the same way as the other compo dolls.

She doesn't have the blushy knees you would expect.
She has some cracks,but it's different.

She has a crack in the top of her poor little head. She has great molded hair though.

She seems to be disintegrating instead.  

Is this composition? Composition is made up of glue and compressed sawdust,etc. But this looks different. Is it just a cheap version of compo?
  If anybody recognizes who she is,let me know.
  That's the doll for today. See you tomorrow for another doll.

Doll-A-Day 2019 #150: Let's Pretend

  First, the problem with the competition: Korglady says that the Followers list and the Follow button don't show up when viewing the blog on her phone. Maybe that's been some people's problem. If you can, view the blog on a computer or laptop and see if that solves the problem. I WILL EXTEND THE COMPETITION FOR ANOTHER FIVE DAYS to see if that helps. That means the last day to follow and enter will be June 5th,2019. The winner will then be announced on June 6th,2019.
  Next,I have started a Facebook page for the blog. The link is in the sidebar, so please visit,follow, and 'like' the new Planet of the Dolls Facebook page! I'll be posting a link to each daily post, and revisiting some previous dolls I've posted on,and even sharing some doll related posts I've found interesting. It will be a good place to view the blog photos without all the words too. My Flickr account is nearly full,so unless things change on that front, the photos will be getting posted pretty much here and on Facebook only, from now on. 
  Now, on to today's doll. She's this girl.

This doll is called Let's Pretend. 

I think she is from the early 1970's.

As her box says,she is jointed at the neck,shoulders, and hips.

She came with two doll sized Halloween costumes which seem to be miniature recreations of actual Ben Cooper Halloween costumes from the early 70's. The costumes are cloth and the masks are rubber. I bought her at a doll show a few years back,strictly for the costumes. I used them in my Halloween party photo story,which you can see HERE.

On the left you'll see Ivy's doll, Swingy Legs,wearing the witch costume. In the middle is Emma's doll, Emma the Doll,wearing the mask to the clown costume. Why is she wearing a clown mask when she's dressed as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz"?

I think now you might see why. Emma the Doll has a cloth head cover, which I referred to as her 'head sock',onto which was applied an actual photo of Emma (the kid)'s face. It was put on with t-shirt transfer goop,but over time,(and tons of play), it wore away. I touched it up occasionally with coloured pencils, but she always looked pretty rough. I wanted her to get to be a part of the party, but she's not exactly aesthetically pleasing.These days she lives on Emma's dresser.
Here's the clown costume, on Tammy World's sister,Anne,(...of Green Gables, from the When I Read I Dream series).

In the back, center,is Swingy Legs again,with her mask back on her head. Emma the doll has the clown mask on her head too.

There were at least two dolls in the Let's Pretend series. I found a page that has pictures of both. You can see it HERE. The other doll had costumes of a witch,and a Native American girl.

She was made by Fun-World, who also made Susie Slicker. (You can see my Susie Slicker dolls HERE and HERE.)


At 8 inches tall, she's the same size as a Susie Slicker,so maybe they used the same body. She seems bigger though. She the same hands.

They look pretty cheap,with flashing around the fingers and a big mold seam.

She has some cute little shoes.

Her hair is thinly rooted and fairly long.

She's marked Made in Hong Kong.

Her one piece outfit is pretty cheaply made.

It closes in the back with one snap...

...and ties at the back of the neck.

  That's the doll for today. See you tomorrow for another doll.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #149: The Original Tiny Tears

  I have to start off with this: I haven't had a competition for a long time. The reason for that is that, in previous years, there were only a couple of entries. It didn't seem worth it. I thought about it for a long time. I almost did a competition last year for the 5th Blogaversary. I decided to do one this year and make the prize a really nice one. But so far there have still only been three entries, and,and let me reiterate, NONE OF THEM ARE VALID BECAUSE THE RULE WAS YOU HAD TO BE A FOLLOWER WHO SHOWS UP IN THE SIDEBAR TO ENTER. I can't respond to the comments left with the entries to remind them they need to follow to enter, because to do that I would have to post the comment, which would post the answer to the competition question. So I don't know if I will ever bother with a competition again. Anyone who wants to have a valid entry can become a follower  up to the end of the contest on the 31st. Those who actually entered still have time to become followers so their entries will be valid.
  Am I being too picky, people? Should I just award the prize anyway,even though the rules weren't followed? Other bloggers have used the same rules for their competitions. The reason is because increasing a blog's followers can help with several things, such as being given products to review. (It's for that reason I'm starting a Facebook page for the blog very soon. Apparently that's pretty much a must these days to be considered for products.) Everybody likes free stuff,and for someone who collects on a budget,like I do,it's a wonderful gift. The important thing is to stay true to yourself and your followers and give an honest opinion, even if the product was supplied by a company.
  So, on to today's doll. Since I recently showed you the late 50's/early 60's Tiny Tears I got at the flea market last summer,(If you missed her, you can see her HERE.), I thought today I'd show you the original Tiny Tears.

This is definitely not her dress. It's way too small.
Tiny Tears premiered in 1950.

The original version has a hard plastic head,unlike the one I showed you the other day,which has a vinyl head.


She measures 13 inches tall.

Like all Tiny Tears dolls,she has tear ducts at the sides of her nose. When she's given her bottle of water,she can 'cry'.

She has a wonky eye,and also...nostrils? The other one didn't have nostrils. Does this one get a runny nose too? That would be quite an unusual downpour. I used to to have a friend whose hillbilly mother used to say her nose was "runnin' like a sugar tree". Maybe that's what it would be like. The hole in her mouth served two purposes. She took her bottle that way, and also could blow bubbles from the bubble pipe that came with her.
She has sleep eyes with real lashes.

You can see her molded hair.
This girl's right eye is messed up and can't close properly when she's laid down.

Here's another look at her molded hair.

Look at those curls! As you can see, she was made by Ideal.
These shoes were on her when I got her,and I think they are actual Tiny Tears shoes. Does anybody know?


  That's the doll for the day. See you again tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #148: Rainbow Brite

  Today's doll is another from that first yard sale of the season. As I said,at that sale I bought 3 Care Bears,a Popples,a Raggedy Ann,A Tiny Tears,and today's doll.

She is,of course, Rainbow Brite.

Rainbow Brite was the creation of a team at Hallmark Cards. The idea was to create some characters for children,with the intention of  licensing them.

 Mattel was given the license to make the dolls and toys.

She's dated 1983.

Rainbow Brite was supposed to be in charge of all the colours of the universe,quite a big job for a small girl. It explains her colourful attire.

It also explains the outer space looking theme to her outfit.
Boots like this were made for humans too. They were called 'moon boots'.

Rainbow Brite has a rainbow and a star on her chest.

It looks like it's been re-glued.
She also has a star on her face.

There was quite a line of Rainbow Brite merchandise. There were various sized dolls,and several characters including Rainbow Brite's friends. This doll is 18 inches tall.

She has a soft stuffed body.

But, of course, her head is vinyl.

Her dress is actually a separate piece and can be removed.It snaps closed in the back.

The shiny coating on the skirt portion of her dress is starting to peel.

Her hair is yarn.

It could do with a little tidying. I re-did her ponytail,but her bangs don't want to lay down.

The animated series to accompany the toy line debuted in 1984.You can watch some of that animated series HERE.

Rainbow Brite was part of my adult years,but before I had kids. It was Unsentimental Niece's era,and I was aware of it. Like Care Bears and My Little Pony, it was never something that appealed to me. The series was revived in 2014,and my kids were all too old for it by then, so I avoided it a second time.There was a new line of toys in 1996 and 1997,but Rainbow Brite's theme had been changed from being in charge of the colurs of the universe,to 'diversity',with Rainbow's friends representing different ethnic groups. I bought Ivy a small Rainbow Brite doll when she was into Kelly dolls,that must have come from that era. It was a newer line of dolls at the time,not an original era one. The doll was about the size of a Kelly doll,and had removable clothing, but boots that didn't come off. It was really cute, and I thought Ivy could steal the clothes for her Kelly dolls if she didn't like Rainbow Brite. In 2009/2010 a new animated web series and a new line of toys was released for the 25th anniversary of Rainbow Brite. In 2015 a new line of toys was launched.

   Ok, I don't care for Care Bears,Popples,or Rainbow Brite, but we need a car, and they'll help with that.
  That's today's doll. See you again tomorrow.