Monday, July 31, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #212: Moxie Girlz

  Today's doll is a Moxie Girlz doll.

I don't know if these are her original clothes.

I love the sweet big eyed face on the Moxie Girlz.

Although made by MGA,the makers of Bratz, they look much sweeter.

Unfortunately,they also hare the 'removable feet' trait of Bratz.

I've posted some Moxie Girlz before. You can see those posts HERE, HERE,HERE,and HERE.

And my post on the little Moxie Girlz Friends is HERE.
Check back tomorrow for another doll.

Doll-A-Day 2017 #211: Sunbeam

  This doll is one that has lived with us for a long time.

His name is Sunbeam.

He has freckles!

At least that's what it said on his tag.

His tag fell off years ago,but I think he was made by Applause.

He's about 15" tall.

The kids all loved him when they were little.

I fell in love with him when I found him at a thrift store (I think). He was like new then.  He's showing some wear now though. The elastic has worn out in his collar and his pants,and I just noticed today that his hand has a huge hole where the fabric has split from age.

He is just such a sweet,lovable little guy.

He has bells on his hat.

An he has polka dot stockings.

Check out the next catch up post for another doll.

Doll-A-Day 2017 #210: Shrunken Saturday:Yummi-Land Oriana Orange Creme

  This  Shrunken Saturday doll is a Yummi-land girl.

I've shown you a couple pf Yummiland dolls before. You can see them HERE and HERE.

Yummiland dolls like this one are 5" tall,although there were bigger ones.

This girl is very similar to one of the other Yummiland dolls I posted,with her fur stole.

She's from the same series,Ice Cream Soda Pop dolls.

Her name is Oriana Orange Creme.

There's another doll coming up! Check out the next post.

Doll-A-Day 2017 #209: Maggie's Raggies

  I have missed 4 days,but not because I wasn't trying! I had a nice post on a vintage doll I got yard saling Friday. Unfortunately,we are having trouble with our phone lines,an we have had no internet for days. So those long posts will have to wait. They have given us a date of August 8th,wnen they will come out to check it! Until then, I'm playing catch up,an then will try to keep current.At the moment we are sitting outside Ken's place of work,borrowing their Wifi.
  So here' the doll for Friday! She's  a Maggie's Raggie.

Maggie's Raggies were made in a variety of sizes.

This one is about 14".

You can see the post I did on my other Maggie's Raggie HERE.

They all have Velcro on their hands, so they can hold each other's hands,their own,or accessories.

This cute girl has a kerchief on.

I'm still catching up. Next:Shrunken Saturday.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #208: Enesco Futaba Doll/Frog Person

  Today's doll is ...sort of...a doll. There is definitely a doll involved. It's this little frog person.

I found this guy...girl?...the other week,at my favourite Goodwill.

I think this is a Futaba doll,although Futaba dolls are turtles. this is a frog, isn't it? Futaba creatures are mythical Japanese water beings that are half human and half turtle. I think they are also called Kappa or Shibaten. If anybody knows more about this subject,please let us know.

 I would say this frog is old, considering the look of the Enesco sticker on the bottom.

The frog is strangely human.

Or is the human strangely froglike?

Frogs don't normally wear shirts , do they?

Well no,but the polka dot underwear,of course.
Either way it has a cute little top knot hairdo.

The base is a slice of wood,painted blue on top,and covered with a heavy paper lily pad.

The whole thing measures 6" from the tip of the leaf to the blue velvet leaf attached to the froggie's foot.

See you tomorrow.

Doll-A-Day 2017 #207: Darci

  Busy day today. Ken recently bought something he's been wanting for a while: a gazebo. I guess that's what you call those mesh and canvas things you put out, with chairs and stuff in them, and hang out in your yard. The kids came over today and we had a 'gazebo warming party'.

 Ken got to do another thing he loves: cook out. Of course, he did melt his cooking mat and nearly burn down the patio area, but anyway. After eating dinner we ate the cookies Fuzzy made and brought over, and then played Pictionary.

The very complicated pictures at the top are Fuzz and Shanna's. The 'Knocking on Heaven's Door" at the bottom left is Emma's, and the lame "Leverage", at the bottom right is mine.
  Ivy and I, who have been whipping Ken at Pictionary lately,came in second. Fuzz and his girlfriend Shanna came in last. The winners, by one point, were Emma and Ken. We had fun. It's always nice to see the kids who don't live at home any more. Before too long that will be all of them, as Ivy's 17.
  Today's doll fit in her photo shoot between my cleaning the living room,making raspberry peach ice tea, putting things outside for the 'do',and the kids arriving. Here she is. She's Darci.

Darci was made by Kenner.

She was only produced for two years, 1979 to 1981.

Darci was a fashion model.

She originally came in a white body suit and white lace wrap around skirt. I don't have those, since when I found this Darci at my favourite Goodwill a couple of weeks ago,she was attired only in a piece of blue painters tape which read '1.00'. It was at least strategically placed,although two pieces would have improved her modesty immensely.

I'll let you guess where the tape was placed.
These days Darci would qualify as a plus size model. She's a whopping 12 1/2" tall.

The girl has some big feet.

Being such an odd size, at least by fashion doll standards, means Darci can't share clothes with many other dolls. Certainly not with Barbie,Tuesday Taylor,or even Cher or The Bionic Woman.She's almost the size of Jem.

So she had to make due with this vintage silk hankie.

This is her Angelina Jolie pose.

This is her "Why did I let you put me in a hanky?" pose.
 She has a very similar body to Tuesday Taylor though. (Tuesday Taylor was made by ideal.)

She has a twist waist,very bendable click knees,bendable elbows, and jointed wrists.

Blonde is the most common Darci hair colour, but she was also produced as a brunette and a red head.
What an unfortunate neck seam.

 Her hair was originally pulled into a side ponytail,with a gigantic flower on her hair elastic. This way she reminds me of Morgan Fairchild.

"I'm Morgan Fairchild, and I can afford more than a hanky."

Or maybe Deidre Hall from Electra Woman and Dyna Girl and Days of Our Lives.

There is actually a doll of her 'Days' character,Marlene.

Actually, there are two.

Darci had two friends,Erica and Dana.

She also had her own Disco playset...eww. You can see the commercial HERE.

Being a fashion model, Darci is very photogenic.

It also helps that she is very posable.

You can see Darci's commercials HERE ...

...and HERE.

See you tomorrow for another doll.