Monday, July 15, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 # 195: Betsy Clark doll

  Today's doll is this little girl.

This sweet looking girl is The Original Betsy Clark doll.

She either has an orange stain on one cheek,or no blush on the other one.
She was made by Knickerbocker under license from Hallmark.

She was made in 1975.

She measures  14 inches tall.

Her head is vinyl,with rooted hair.

Her hands are vinyl too.

Her body is soft, stuffed cloth.

Her dress and apron are separate pieces and her clothes are removable.

There was a similar looking doll that came in a blue dress. But this little girl is all in pink and white.

Her shoes aren't.

I'm not sure which way the ruffles on her hoes go,and it seems, neither are they.
Her apron has a fake patch on it.

Betsy Clark was an artist known for her pastel pictures of sad, pointy headed children in patched clothes.

This one in particular looks like today's doll.

Betsy was thrown out of art school for not being able to follow the way she was 'supposed' to draw. Before being thrown out she worked briefly for Disney as part of her classes.

I have detailed some of Betsy's history in a previous post on a Betsy Clark doll. You can see that post HERE.

You can read the full history of Betsy HERE.

  That's all for today. Tomorrow we'll see another doll.

Doll-A-Day 2019 #194: Brush Dolls

  Today's dolls are these people.

They're small hand held brushes known as brush dolls,sometimes clothes brush dolls, or whisk broom dolls.

Whisk broom dolls were used to brush crumbs off dining room tables into a small dust pan.

As you can see, I still have some amaryllis' blooming.

Clothes brush dolls were used to---what else?----brush clothes.

This one almost looks like a shaving brush!

A lot of brush dolls have porcelain half dolls for tops, but these ladies are all made of wood.

Both types of brushes were popular in the 1920's and 30's. This lady looks very 1920's.

The lady in red could be 30's or early 30's.

The other two are figural, but the lady in red is flat, and her back is undecorated.

The bristles in the two larger dolls are some sort of hair bristles.

The smaller one looks and feels synthetic though. Maybe it's just a different type of hair.

The small one looks like she's wearing a riding habit.

I liked the look of these, and inadvertently started this small collection.

The two bigger ones are my favourites,but don't tell the equestrian lady...
  Those are the  dolls for today. I got some interesting dolls out of the glass case today,to photograph, so you'll be seeing them soon. Maybe tomorrow you'll see one.

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Doll-A-Day 2019 #193 Maddie Mod-Like Skipper competitor

  I just want to remind everybody that I am adding new stuff to the sales page all the time. And somebody scoop up those Mini Brands. Ken is keeping another bunch of them in the car,which he won't let me have until I make back some money on the last batch's spares!
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  Today's doll is a mystery girl.

She's obviously a Skipper competitor,but I don't know her name. 

She has the same face as Maddie Mod or Betsy Teen,only she's smaller.

Was Maddie Mod's head too small for her body? Because this head obviously fit a Skipper sized body.

She's 9 inches tall, like vintage Skipper. 

She's only marked 'made in Hong Kong'.

She has very Skipper like-hands.
That's a nasty mold line.
But her feet aren't quite as Skippery.

As you can see, she's made of a cheap plastic.
 Although her body is thin plastic, her head is rubber.

The outfit isn't original to her. It's a Shibajuku outfit I bought when they clearance them out. I love sailor outfits. It's a little short, but fits her pretty well.

Her hair is thinly rooted,and the one side wants to stand up.

Her hair is long though.

As you can see, it's unevenly cut. It looks to be original though.
If anybody has any idea who she is, please let me know.

That's today's doll. Come back tomorrow and see what I come up with.