Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall/Autumn/Halloween Photostory

  Just a reminder that I did post a photostory yesterday. I did a second post late last night, so it may have gotten sort of lost in the posts. I worked really hard on it (and got all muddy...) so I hope someone looks at it! We're off for a wienie roast at Lori's tonight. (We're taking vegetarian wienies and marshmallows.)Enjoy the photostory. I think it turned out pretty well. I would appreciate any feedback.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Doll Show Story: I made a sale!

  So, Sunday was the big doll show.They installed new lighting since the last show. It was amazing seeing the place properly lit! No more people carrying flashlights around to see what they're buying!

  As big as it was, there was a lot of empty space compared to previous years.

Dolls as far as the eye can see...and now we can! This was taken from the stage. You can't see here, but there are two more levels on each side and at the back.

I couldn't show how large the place really is without a wide angle lens.

This is from the back, facing the stage. This is one of the two upper levels.

From the back corner, looking across.

I don't know who these dealers are. I was just trying to show the size of the place and some of the stuff being sold.
  As some people were saying at the Cincinnati show I did recently, shows are dying. This show, busy as it was, was nowhere near as busy as it used to be. It's a shame, because it's so nice to be able to see and touch things before you buy, and be able to really examine them.It's also nice  to have contact with so many other like minded people. I saw my friends Karen, and Casey, as well as other familiar faces.We didn't sell much, but we did cover our table costs and make a tiny amount besides, if, as Ken points out, you don't take into account the cost of the items.
  I made a few purchases, including a non talking Scooba Doo doll for $2. She has some damage and hair that seriously needs a do,but she'll display fairly well when I'm done with her.
  I also bought this really cool set!

There's no date on it, but it looks to be 70's.

   It's just what I needed! You'll be seeing more of it soon.
  But the biggest news is that I sold my first 1/48 scale furniture! (I can't say my first furniture because Ivy reminded me that I sold a 1/12 couch.)

I made the three piece set, and I sold it to a lady who bought them as her first items for her 1/48 dollhouse.

  As you can see from this picture, they are pretty tiny. This picture is bigger than real life! I think they were my favourites of the furniture I've made. I actually enjoy making these super tiny ones more than the regular doll house size. I was thrilled to have someone want them enough to buy them! I almost wanted to hug her!It was a little sad to see them go though. It's always that way with something I've made. I always hope they go to loving homes.

  I still have a fainting couch in the same fabric.

  And a red and white set without the stool. That was the only stool I've made so far. I liked the pleating on it.I have made a few other 1/48 scale pieces.

Maybe I'll make a stool for this set after all.

There is also this fainting couch

And this couch.

  The miniature show is next month, so we'll see how I do.

The World Family at the Pumpkin Patch: A Photostory

     The World family
has gone to the pumpkin patch to pick out their Halloween
Rosie: I want down Daddy.

   Todd and Gareth have their wagons to haul the pumpkins home.

Gareth: Too small...

Jo: You like this one, Betsy? It's kind of big.
  Simon may have spotted his perfect pumpkin, and Rosie is wasting no time finding hers.

Rosie (grunting): This one Daddy!

Dolly: Oh, I like that one Betsy.

  Todd's found his pumpkin, and Betsy has found a smaller one, thank goodness.

Dolly:Have you decided if you're going to paint your pumpkin or carve it?

Tammy: I can't make up my mind. I don't want to waste it, so you can make pie out of it. But I really want to make a Jack O'Lantern.

Gareth: Can I have this one Daddy?

Wally: Don't you think that one's a little big for you,bud?

Gareth: But I loooove it!

Gareth struggles to move his pumpkin.

Gareth: Help me Daddy. Wally: You really have to have this one, huh? Gareth: Pleeease? Wally: Ok, let's get it in the wagon.

  Anne and Simon load their pumpkins into the wagon.

Jo: Sit down Betsy. We're going to roll.
  Finally everybody has picked a pumpkin and they're all loaded in the wagon. Rosie and Betsy hitch a ride.

Dolly: Everybody push to get Todd started.

Dolly: Heave ho!
Gareth : Ugh! Ugh!
                                                         Gareth is having a little trouble!

Wally: Are you sure you don't want some help with that? Gareth: No. I (ugh!) want to do it myself.(ugh!)

                                                                Finally on the way.

                                                        And the Worlds head home.

  Behind the scenes...
  What were they thinking, wearing their best white shoes to go to the pumpkin patch?!
  Probably the same thing I was thinking, not bringing out something to kneel on. Good thing I wore old pants.

  I'm still planning a post about the doll show, but I have to help Ivy with her costume. Maybe later.

Monday, October 28, 2013

National Chocolate Day

Well, in our time zone at least, there are 8 minutes left in National Chocolate Day. For those in other time zones, you have a little more time to indulge! For those of you in other countries, feel free to take part in our National Chocolate Day as if it were your own! Remember, all those flavonoids are good for you!
  Tomorrow I will have another photostory, and some news on the doll show, including, (for me at least) some amazingly great news. Happy chocolate eating!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Doll Show Prep

  I decided to forego the doll auction today and tomorrow and try to be good. That means I am missing the auctioning of the ENTIRE contents of a miniature museum! Oh well. I probably couldn't have afforded anything anyway. : (  Besides, I have lots to do anyway. This Sunday is the BIG doll show in Columbus, and we are going to be selling (AND shopping!). I spent today sorting doll accessories and dolls from a big tub mostly full of  Barbies. (So THAT's where I put that Holly Hobby friend Carrie doll!) I am hoping for some amazing finds. And some amazing sales! This show is gigantic. I've mentioned before that a doll artist who did the show last year said this show is bigger than the United Federation of Doll Clubs convention. Shows have been doing very poorly recently, and I know of one in the state that is no more as of this summer. I hope the big show continues to do well. It happens twice a year, (run by two different groups.),and it always has interesting stuff. I always find some good buys.I'll try to remember to take some pictures this year to show how huge the show is. For now I need to get back to work. I'll be combing doll hair while watching tv with Ivy for the rest of the evening.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

First Day of School, a photo story

  Ok, here's the story I warned you about.I know it's a little late for the first day of school, but I had intended to do this in September. When I was a kid we started school in September, but it gets earlier all the time.This year it was still August when Ivy went back to school.

   It's the first day of school. The World family is having breakfast.

                                Dolly: Where's Tammy? She's going to make everybody late for school.
                                Todd: She's coming. You know she's always late.

Wally: Are they ready? I'm going to be late for work.
 Dolly: Good thing you own the place then. They're  just finishing up, but Tammy hasn't come to the table yet."

Wally: "Well, I'm going to go start the car."
Todd: "Mom! The little creep's doing it again!"
Dolly: "Gareth, stop staring at your brother."
Todd: "Mom!"
                                      Tammy, sliding to the table: Made it! Gimme my Fruity-Ohs!
                                      Dolly: Please.
                                      Tammy: Please.

                        Dolly: No. This morning is oatmeal or eggs. The oatmeal just ran out. You're having eggs.
                        Tammy: Then why did I have to say 'please' for my Fruity-ohs?
                        Dolly: Tammy, I'm holding a large spatula in my hand.
                        Tammy: Ok!

Tammy: "I still don't see why I have to wear a skirt!"
                                         Dolly: It's the first day of school. Humour me.
                                         Tammy: Does that mean I don't have to wear a dress or a skirt for the rest of the school year?!
                                         Dolly: We'll see...

                                                                      Tammy: Yay!!
                                                                      Dolly:...about that.

Meanwhile at the Rettop house...

                                Barbara:Is Heidi coming? I need to know what she wants in her thermos.
                                Vanessa: She's still getting dressed. She can't decide what to wear.

                         Richard: Ok. Are they ready? I got the car started, but I don't know how long it'll last.

                                  Harry: Can I steer while you push it back into the driveway this time Dad?

                                              Richard: Let's hope it doesn't come to that...again.

                                Barbara: Heidi is still deciding what to wear.
                                Richard: Are you kidding? I'm going to be late for work!
                                Barbara: What are you worried about? I bet Wally hasn't even left the house yet.
                                Richard: Yeah, but he's the boss.

Richard heads to the bedroom Heidi shares with Vanessa.

                                               Richard: Heidi! Come on! What's the hold up?

                                               Heidi: What do I wear?!

(Poor Sherlock,the dog. is covered in discarded clothes.)
                                                        Heidi: I don't have anything decent!

                                          Heidi: It's the first day of school and I'm going to look like a creep!

(Heidi continues her rampage.)   Richard: Can't she just pick something?! They're only clothes.

                                     Barbara: I don't believe you said that.


                                                     Neighbor guy: Hey! Barbie!

                                                                  Richard:  Rettop!

                        Neighbor guy: Whatever. Listen, can my kid ride to school with you today?

                               Richard (sighing, mutters under his breath,"It's starting already.") (out loud)Sure.

 Neighbor guy: You're gonna have to wait for him after school though. He's gonna have detention.

Richard: It's the first day of school! How can you possibly know he's going to have detention?!

                                                                  Neighbor guy: He will.

  Some of you might recognize that fence from an earlier post. It's the Byers fence with the evergreen removed. The World's kitchen table is a My Little Kitchen Fairies  table. It only came with two white chairs, so I pieced together all those red chairs from various yard sales and thrift stores. The Kitchen Fairies table is actually slightly short for 1/6 scale, but I think it still looks great. I found those great Corelle Living wear dishes at Goodwill. They're made by Marx and are from the late 60's I think.And of course, that great Kitchen Littles fridge and sink/counter set. I talked Ken into buying that when Emma was little by saying she and I could share it. It spent her childhood in Emma the Doll's house, and the last few years have been my turn!