Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #151:Enchanted Giselle,Plus Prince Eric and Fashionista Ken

  Today's doll is one I have had on my list to feature for a while now. I had one already, but I found one in better condition in the dolls I found at Goodwill a few weeks ago. So, here is Giselle,from the movie "Enchanted".

This is her original dress. The flowers in her hair are drooping.

"Enchanted" was released by Disney in 2007.

The character 'Giselle',a fairy tale princess who is suddenly dropped into New York City,was played by Amy Adams.
Her hair is hard to comb because of the flowers.There's one in the hole on the side too.

The doll is a fair likeness of Amy Adams,but more cartoony and not as realistic as some of the other editions that were available.

She does look a bit more like the animated version of Giselle than the live action one.

Besides this version of Giselle there was Fairy Tale Wedding Giselle...

She has the more realistic Amy Adams face.Her bridal gown was in the bag of clothes I got at Goodwill, but I didn't see the doll anywhere.

...a Special Edition Giselle bride doll...

...and  the Renaissance Ball set with Giselle and Robert.

Robert was also available as a single doll,and I want his raincoat!

In spite of being a cartoonish Amy Adams,today's doll is actually quite popular with collectors.

The only male dolls I got in those Goodwill hauls were these two guys.

Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid,and Fashionista Ken.
  First, we'll see Eric.

He's missing his boots, obviously.

The copyright says 1968 because this is the Ken body from that era. It's been in use a LONG time.
 This body has those weird rear facing palms and legs that don't bend very much.

 He has a very cartoonish face.

His hair has molded detail.

He is wearing his uniform,which is all one piece and Velcros in the back.

The stitches that held his clothes in back are still there.
 He has pitiful epaulettes

There is a sash across the front.

And lots of fake buttons.

Giselle makes a good stand in for Ariel.

There was also this 2009 Fashionista Ken.

Ken has those great articulated arms the Fashionista Kens had for about half a minute,and his original shirt.

 His shoulders,elbows, and wrists are jointed, but unfortunately not his knees or ankles.

He has that same Ken face and blonde hair so many other Ken's have.

Tomorrow we're going to look at some more Disney dolls,the last of the dolls from the hauls.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #150:Liv dolls Katie and Daniela

  In my recent hauls from Goodwill I found these two Liv dolls. I'm pretty sure the first one is Katie.

She was wigless, so I loaned her this Liv wig. I don't really like it, but it was handy.

I'm pretty sure this scarf is original to her. It was in the bag of clothes I bought too.
I think this helmet belongs to her too. It may have come with a different Katie. It was also in the bag. Is this thing on backwards?
I think this green hoodie is hers too.

Actually,I often think Liv dolls look better without the wigs. They have such nice faces and those distintive inset eyes.

She was wearing this shirt. The shorts are too big. The boots fit well, but are they Liv boots?

Unlike some of the Liv dolls I have, her hands haven't turned a different shade from her arms...yet.

The other Liv doll I got was, I think,the prettiest Liv doll I have ever gotten.

I'm pretty sure she's Daniela,especially since Daniela's cool record purse was in the clothes bag I got.

Pretty glad I'm missing that outfit though.

She was wearing the shirt and jeans. I put the jacket and boots from the bag of clothes on her.

She was wigless too, but she really doesn't need one

She has great brown eyes and bright red lips.

I could do without the star on her face though.

She's beautiful, but there is one drawback to her.

She has those jointed Liv arms, but...

Her legs move out to the sides and her torso has a joint so she can sway from side to side,but her legs are otherwise unarticualted.
Katie in the other hand has the full articulation Liv dolls are famous for. 

If they were the same skin tone I could swap their heads. I'll have to look through my other Liv dolls.

But even this way, I still like her. It would be nice if she could bend her knees though.

And here are more shots of Katie and Daniela's pretty faces.

More dolls tomorrow.