Thursday, November 30, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #333: Gotz Modell

  Today's doll is a multitalented girl.

She's a Gotz doll.

The plastic tag sewn to her jacket says Gotz Modell.

Her talents include singing and walking.

This is the battery compartment for her singing mechanism. It's huge, and it's in her chest. It's so big it makes her skirt scoot down,and shows through her shirt.

This is her battery compartment for her walking mechanism. Each function takes a different battery size. This one takes AA batteries.

She sings "Jingle Bells".  Her walking sounded like it was going to start for a second, but then it did nothing. We're going to clean out her battery contacts tomorrow and see if we can get her walking. It seems she would walk like Baby First Step if we got her going.

She can also close her eyes, but you have to lay her down for that.

And she has brown eyes.Dolls like this almost always have blue eyes. I appreciate that Gotz  realizes not everybody has blue eyes, or wants a doll with blue eyes.

She has a big fluffy head of ash blonde hair.

She's a big girl, at about 20" tall.

Under her purple jacket she's wearing a knit shell.

At least, that's what those types of sleeveless blouses used to be called. Now everything is a 'top'. 'Top'! That's a placement, not a piece of clothing. That usage really gets on my nerves. Call it a 'shirt'. Call it a 'blouse'. A 'top' is one of those spinning toys!

She looks like she's been working out. Check out those muscley arms.

Her skirt snaps, but I'm not sure if it's supposed to snap in the back, or the side!
I put it in the back.
 It matches her scarf.

I'll update if I get her singing again and let you know what her song is.

Tomorrow we'll see what other doll I have dug up around here lately. I've been surprising myself with what I've been pulling out. As I have said, we used to do doll and toy shows, so we have tons of stuff, and I've been trying to get rid of a lot of things. I've been excited by some of the things I've found to share with you. Some of it's pretty interesting and not often seen. (It certainly hasn't been seen by me in a while!)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #332: Michael Jackson

  I have mentioned that I have been digging around pretty deep here lately. You truly don't know who's going to show up.

I found this guy the other week.

There were several Michael Jackson'Superstar of the 80's' dolls with this sculpt,in different outfits. This one is the American Music Awards MJ.

I didn't realize he had jointed knees until I was photographing him.

I guess that's so he can do his dance moves.

He came with a microphone,which explains his left hand. Or he could be pretending to look through a telescope.

Or maybe he's just miming, "I want a drink."

That's the doll for today. See you again tomorrow for another doll.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #331: Mozart and Friends

  Ok, I don't know anything about these dolls, and haven't been able to find anything. So if anybody knows anything about them, let me know. Here they are. Let's start with this guy.

He's Mozart. I figured that, but he also had a hand written tag pinned to his to coat by his previous owner.

He's 8" tall.

That's not a bald spot. That's just the way his hair is laying.

He says Sweetheart on his back.


His head has this symbol.
He was accompanied by these ladies.

Let's just call them Wolfie's Angels.

They're also 8" tall, and use the exact same body and head sculpt as Wolfgang.

They aren't dressed in the same era's costumes as Mozart though.Their dresses are too short.
Several of them, including Wolfgang, have strange orangy stuff around their necks.

What is this stuff? Are their necks disintegrating? Was there some kind of rubber ring in there?
  When I was taking these photos I couldn't help constantly thinking of a sketch by Peter Cook and Dudley Moore from their TV show, "Not Only But Also". It was a parody of the show "This Is Tom Jones", called "This Is Ludwig Von Beethoven".
This is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart!

Dudley Moore as Beethoven hosted a variety show with guests like Wordsworth reciting poetry while accompanied by dancers dressed as giant daffodils. If you want to watch it you can see it HERE.


Unfortunately the part where Beethoven sings "It's Not Unusual" doesn't seem to be on YouTube,and I can't even find a photo. Trust me though,it's great.
  That's all for today. See you tomorrow for another doll. I've been digging deep lately. You never know what I'll find. 

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #330:Best Freind Cynthia

    Today's doll is this lovely miss.

She's Best Friend Cynthia. She's often referred to as just 'Cynthia',but it does actually say 'Best Friend' in very small letters over the word 'Cynthia; on her box.

She was made by Mattel in 1971.

Cynthia measures 18" tall.

Her blonde hair reaches nearly to her waist.

She has a cute,young looking face. 

Her original outfit consisted of this dress,which snaps in the back,and white low heel shoes.

The belt is connected to the dress.

With Cynthia Mattel took a giant step backwards in talking dolls. Talking dolls had long talked using the tried and true pull string method,powered only by it's own force. Cynthia talked by use of records that were slipped into her side,like Charmin Chatty,and was powered by batteries in her back.

The record slot in her side.

The battery compartment in her back.
The speaker holes in her belly.

Cynthia came with three two sided records that equaled thirty six conversations.

Her dress is made with a space for inserting the records in her side.

Mattel also made a wardrobe and hair accessories for Cynthia.

The extra outfits each came with a new record. The hair accessories came with a new record that talked about hair styles.

In 1971 Mattel also produced a doll called Quick Curl Casey. (There's Mattel reusing names again.) Casey used the Cynthia head sculpt, but Casey was a brunette.

Casey didn't talk. Her gimmick was her 'quick curl' hair.


That's the doll for today. See what doll we have tomorrow.