Friday, March 31, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #90:Emma's Collection Part 2,Muppets Pop Vinyl,McDonalds,and More

  Yesterday we started a look at Emma's collection of various figures and toys. Today in part 2 we're checking out her Muppets.

Animal and Fozzie hanging out with a recent Goodwill find, Jazzie.
Emma got her love of Muppets from me. I always loved The Muppets,and when I was pregnant with Emma I stocked up on Muppet teethers and rattles and Emma's first calendar,on which I kept track of her first tooth, first word, first step, was Muppet babies. For Emma's first Christmas I gave her a Kermit doll I'd had in my own collection. When she was tiny she played with my collection of early 70's Sesame Street finger puppets in the bath every night.

And I've started her on her own collection of identical finger puppets (The three on the right.).She also has McDonald's Muppets toys and the Kermit on a motorcycle I think came form her visit to Disneyworld when she went with the orchestra, in high school.

I never really had a favourite Muppet,but Emma developed an affection for Gonzo.
And his buddy Rizzo the Rat.
She's also pretty fond of Janice from the Electric mayhem band, here with band leader Doctor Teeth.

The Fozzie was a recent Ebay purchase. She says she's disappointed because she doesn't think he's a very good Fozzie, but I covet him!

Emma also has these Muppets Minimates and a Kermit Pez:

And you saw the Super Grover Pop Vinyl.Well, he's not her only Sesame Street Pop Vinyl.

Super Grover, Bert, and Ernie Pop Vinyls.
And there are a few random Muppet things...

The thing on the right is a picture holder she got at Disneyworld.
Tomorrow we'll see what Emma has for Shrunken Saturday.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #89:Emma's Collection Part 1:Star Wars

  Not too long ago I thought of doing a post on some of my daughter Emma's Pop Vinyl and Funko figures, because she has so many different kinds. I put titles on a couple of blank posts as place holders. They got accidentally posted for a coupe of hours,(Until I noticed!), and they got quite a few views. Somebody wanted to read about those figures! Once I started taking pictures of Emma's Pop Vinyl figures I decided to move on to her other toys,her dolls,her stuffed toys, her carded figures.Suddenly I realized there was no stopping. And also, practically everything in Emma's apartment is figural or at least themed.

Like this incense burner Fuzz bought her one year.

This elephant shaped candy dish which, admittedly,I bought her.

Even her slippers.

A carved wooden elephant on her Star Wars tins.
It's definitely not a place for those people who can't stand 'faces' everywhere.
On the walls.

On the fridge.
 Although it's not all faces...

Her lamp.

She's still looking for a suitable shade. (Emma is, not lamp lady.)

Even her wardrobe has faces:
Emma, Ken, and Ivy model Emma's collection of 'head hats',(and head gloves, and head backpacks.) It's kind of bizarre when she wears that Beaker hat in the back seat and I look in the rear view mirror.

We ran out of heads to show this reversible Regular Show hat. 

Even her kitchen stuff! The red haired girl on the left is a 'Hot Mama' that cleans your microwave. (Another gift from Fuzz and his girlfriend.). The Monsieur Tofu was a gift from Ken. He was part of Monsieur Tofu vs. Mr.Bacon, but we're vegetarian, so she gave Mr. Bacon to a bacon loving friend. I guess Monsieur Tofu won. The houses are part of a collection too.

Her pasta spoon and her ladle,hanging out with a Miss Piggy glass and a Star Wars mug.
 Those houses? They started with a spice rack she fell in love with. I got it for her for Christmas one year.

 After she fell in love with the spice rack, and before I got it for her, she found this set of canisters:

Even the chip clip is a cat head!

Then she found a house tea caddy, and when she went to the big Dominoes manager convention they gave out the little Dominoes store,which is also ceramic and stores things.  
Emma has a few favourite things that feature heavily in her collection. The most obvious ones are  Star Wars, the Monkees,The Beatles,and The Muppets. Then there are things she has fewer representations of,like Bob's Burgers, The Regular Show,cats, and music.We'll look at each of those individually.Let's start with Star Wars.

These Yoda lights have a flaw she didn't know about until she opened them at home.Who designed these things?
Believe it or not, this Boba Fett is her alarm clock.
Star Wars throw pillows were gifts from some friends.

The Hoth Wompa plush is by Funko.

Emma wanted it explained that all the cat hair on Mr. Bean's teddy bear and Darth Vader is due to the fact that I dug them out of the window,where her cat Cowboy had been laying on them.
Ben Kenobi Pop Vinyl
Darth Vader magic cube.
A Pop Vinyl Hoth Han Solo and Tauntaun.

And they have bobble heads.

Look at that tauntaun face!
The big Yoda is my fault I think.
A Funko storm trooper bobble head.
Tomorrow we'll look at another catagory of the Emma collection.

Doll-A-Day 2017 #88:Prettie Girls Lena

  This post is running late, and hopefully I'll be able to do today's post too. We'll see. If you've been reading the blog you'll know that I've been having internet problems lately. That's a little better now, but it's still going out occasionally. Now there's  problem loading pictures. It's been taking forever. That's what stopped this post very late last night, when I couldn't wait any longer. So I'm trying again today. There won't be any picture heavy posts until this is cleared up, but at least I can keep on schedual. Once I commit to something I hate to give up. So here's yesterday's post:

It was a sunny, but slightly chilly day today,but at least it was no longer raining. So here's my last birthday doll. She's Prettie Girls Lena.

She was a recent Walmart find, marked down to $2.50! (But Ken made me wait until my birthday to open her!)

'Prettie' comes from their motto, 'Positive, Respectful, Enthusiastic, Truthful, Talented, Inspiring, Excellent'.
Once the tape was peeled her box lid was opened. But then I was faced with this:

The inner flaps were taped to the box liner!
 Is this really necessary?! What a pain.

There are 6 dolls in the line.

The back of her box...

No mention of Tonner, although they are Tonner.

She was  attached to her backing with all this:
Although the white squares on the upper left are not holding her. They're holding these:

Ivy commented on the irony of the word 'pretty' being misspelled when she's saying the reason she's 'prettie' is that she's smart.

She comes with a purse and an extra sweater.

There was also this poster in the back of her box.

She has a cute plaid outfit.

It's actually two pieces,a shirt and skirt.

The tulle underskirt is part of the skirt.

The top can be removed and replaced by the sweater.

But she just slipped it on over her shirt. 

Her slip on shoes are actually a lot more red than the orangy red in her clothes.

The Tween Scene Prettie Girls are 16" tall.

They use the body from Tonner's earlier Little Miss Matched dolls, (You can see my posts on my Little Miss Matched dolls HERE and HERE.),who borrowed their bodies from Tonner's Maudlynne  Macabre. (You can see my post on Maudlynne HERE.)

 With jointing at the neck, shoulders,elbows,waist,hips, and knees, they are very posable.

The Prettie Girls line started out with a line of 11 1/2" fashion dolls. There were also the Prettie Girls NYC and the Prettie Girls Dream Babies. All of these lines were sold by Tonner. The Tween Scene Prettie Girls were sold at regular stores.

Even though the Prettie Girls use the Maudlyn and Little Miss Matched body, I don't think they pose nearly as well.

Lena's knee joints are alot more loose than theirs,making her standing poses harder to maintain.
Her knees kept bending.
Her plastic seems to be a lower quality too. She has white stress type marks at her knee joints straight out of the box.

Her face is a lot more serious than Little Miss Matched.

Her hair is fairly silky and fun to brush.

I like Lena,but I think I like the silly faces of Little Miss Matched better.

See what doll I'll come up with tomorrow.