Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Doll-A-Day 249: Tammy's Brother Ted

  No, not my brother. I don't have one. Today's doll is Ted by Ideal.

Ted was part of the Tammy Family of dolls, made by Ideal from 1962 to 1967.

Ted himself was introduced in 1964.

He's 12 1/2" tall, as Tammy and her family were on a slightly larger scale than Barbie and friends, and slightly smaller than the Littlechap family.

It's really hard to tell Ted from Tammy's boyfriend Bud. Bud was introduced in 1965, wearing the same outfit as Ted, and has a very similar face.

Ted had to share fashions with Dad, and boyfriend Bud.They had to have clothes though, since they were called 'the dolls you love to dress'. Wouldn't do much good to love to dress them if they didn't have any clothes...
Tammy and Pepper were made longer, and in more different editions than the rest of the family and friends,so Dad, Mom, brothers Ted and Pete, and boyfriend Bud are harder to find. Bud is the hardest to find. 

I apologize for the abbreviated post, but I am still feeling 'under the weather'.(Whatever that means!)
  Check in tomorrow for another doll.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Doll-A-Day 248: BFC Ink Kaitlin

  Today's doll is Kaitlin.

She's a BFC Ink doll.

This is not her original outfit. She came in the greenish dress and pukey leopard print vest and really cool boots.

I like this cute shortall outfit. I thought it would be nice since we seem to be having an Indian Summer (Late warm weather. I suppose that's not politically correct these days. Native American Summer? Why is it called that anyway?)

From what I can tell this is actually a BFC Ink outfit. I got it at a yard sale I think, maybe on a BFC Ink doll, a couple of years ago.

The BFC stands for Best Friends Club.

These dolls are about 18" tall, but there was also a smaller series of dolls about 10" tall.

This is the second style of BFC Ink doll, which has more joints. The original dolls didn't have the jointed wrists, ankles, or elbows.

These dolls are really posable, but their joints get very loose very quickly.

They are also notorious for having bad hair. It tends to be crispy on the bottom.

Kaitlin's hair is actually pretty good. She still has lots of her original curl,and her hair is fairly soft.

BFC Ink dolls also have nice inset eyes that are fairly realistic. It's hard to get them to look like they are looking at the camera though.

 See you tomorrow for another doll.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Doll-A-Day 247: Small Chinese Girl

  Today's doll is another I got from my friend Karen recently at the small doll show here in town.

You might remember seeing the Karito Kids Ling doll I got from Karen back on Doll-A-Day 221.

This little girl is about 5" tall.

She came in this box.
According to her label she was made in The People's Republic of China.

Her base fits exactly in the box, but she's a little tall for it. That has given her a lean!

She has wire in her legs, so she can stand up a bit straighter.

Her clothes are made of silk.

I'm not sure what this hair is. It looks like some kind of real hair.

She has a pointy little nose.
But at this angle she looks like she smells something bad.
The little toy she is playing with seems to be a 'diabolo', a toy that originated in China and became popular in Britain in the 1800's.The diabolo is a juggling toy.It's made of two sticks with a hole all the way through them, through which the string is threaded and then tied around the stick.There are caps on the ends of the sticks to keep the string from going off the ends. The middle part is the spool. The spool is supposed to be a solid piece of wood that is narrow in the middle, with circular ends. The circles on the ends let the spool roll and spin, and help keep it balanced. The spool is positioned on the string, and, using the sticks, the player balances the spool, throws it up and catches it, spins it,or throws it to another person who catches the spool.

Join us tomorrow for another doll.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Doll-A-Day 246: Skipper Saturday: Brunette Sample Skipper

  This week's Skipper Saturday doll is this Sample Skipper.

Sample Skipper's aren't really samples. They are the first Skippers on the market.

 So, they are a little different from the common Skippers that are usually found.

Oh! The One Hair!

The main difference that you can see is that Sample Skippers have a wide stance,much wider than ordinary Skippers.

The other difference is that the word Japan on the bottom of her foot runs from toe to heel, rather than across the foot like common Skippers.

And they have bigger feet.
I showed a foot comparison in Doll-A-Day post #25, if you want to see.

And slightly bigger legs. They are supposedly made of resin rather than plastic, but I can't tell much difference.

Sample Skippers also commonly have more thickly rooted bangs.This girl certainly does.

I had planned on having this girl pose on the skateboard that came with the 'Skipper on Wheels' gift set from 1965, since she's wearing the clothes and hat from it. (The clothes are the same as Skipper's Fun Time fashion from 1965. The hat was only available with the Skipper on Wheels gift set.A blue version was available in a Skipper Pak.)

In addition to the skateboard there was also a scooter,a red yoyo, a pair of red skates,a pair of red sunglasses,the jacket from Fun Time,and the blouse and skirt from Fun at the Fair.

The scooter and skateboard,and as I said, the red hat, are exclusive to the gift set.

The shirt has some beautiful embroidery.

The problem with putting her on the skateboard is, her stance is so much wider than a regular Skipper that she can't get both feet in the foot spots at the same time!

I had to make her lean her one foot on a rock so she could stand up!

This girl is actually one of my favourite Skippers that I own.

She has a beautiful powdery complexion.

I got this doll in an Ebay lot, along with 11 other Skippers in various states of wear. I showed another doll from this lot, a Color Magic Skipper, on Doll-A-Day 137.

The lot also contained  a Skipper case, a few pieces of Skipper clothing, and a felt cowgirl outfit. I thought I would sell whatever it took to pay for the lot so I could keep some of the dolls. I hoped I could make back enough to keep, not just this girl, but her Color Magic Friend as well. I started with the felt cowgirl outfit. I wasn't sure who it was for, but it looked like it might fit a Betsy McCall. As it turned out, it was a Betsy McCall outift. I made back all but $7 of what the lot had cost me, including the shipping, so I let myself keep everything else. I love that story!

She needed a little hair conditioning when I got her, but she's very nice.

Ivy and I named this girl 'Personality Girl' because in her auction pictures she was looking at  the Color Magic doll and showing lots of attitude.

  See you tomorrow for another doll.