Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yay! Deluxe Reading Dream Kitchen at last!

  Today I got something I have wanted for ages! Connie,a doll loving friend of mine was offered a Deluxe Reading kitchen by the maintenance man in her apartment building when he came in to do some work and spotted all her dolls. Connie doesn't collect Barbie (She has a few, but her love lies with Nancy Ann Storybook dolls and Mary Hoyers.),so she called me  to see if I was interested. When she started to describe it I knew exactly what she was talking about! The Deluxe Reading Dream Kitchen! I have wanted one of these for years. In the early 90's, when we were doing doll and toy shows, we did the first Barbie show by the Paducah, Kentucky Barbie club. After the show all of the dealers were invited to go to one of the members home to see her Barbie collection. I can't remember her name at the moment, (I'm thinking her first name was Rosella.),and as she was pretty old at the time she is probably no longer with us. But she was known as The Barbie Lady, and there was even an article about her in Barbie Bazaar Magazine once. Her house was literally wall to wall Barbie dolls. She had a finished basement where they obviously hung out and relaxed, and that's where she kept her vintage Barbies. Her husband had made her an enormous doll house, in which she had a Deluxe Reading Dream Kitchen. I fell in love with it then and have wanted one ever since. It isn't really my favourite era, (1930's and 40's.),but it's totally 1960's, which is when I grew up, so I do have a soft spot for it.Well, good things come to those who wait. Yesterday I had a look at the kitchen and made the guy an offer. This morning Connie called me to tell me he had turned me down, but this afternoon she called back to say he had changed his mind!

  The kitchen looks pretty good, and will improve with a little cleaning up.Get busy guys.

  That's not exactly what I had in mind.

  That's more like it.

  Skooter wipes down a chair, while Fluff gathers up the dishes for washing.
  Sample Skipper scrubs out the freezer.

  Fashion Queen tries to get those yellow marks off the table.
  Color Magic Skipper has a strange idea of 'helping clean up'.
 Ok, everybody, you've earned a break. Stop and have a drink.
  Any suggestion of food or drink of course, attracts guys. Typically Allan and Ricky show up to scope out the fridge. It's a little early. No food has arrived yet. There is milk and pop though.And ice.

  Conscientious Sample Skipper and Fashion Queen continue to work and get those dishes done.

The Dream Kitchen isn't in perfect shape, but it's not too bad, other than the dishwasher having a broken counter top.(All the pieces are here, so I may be able to repair it somewhat.)

  It also came with loads of dishes and stuff, including the the dish draining rack,salt and pepper shakers,the fridge shelves and a crisper drawer, and both cute little ice cube trays WITH the ice!  There were also some actual Mattel Barbie utensils to a couple of vintage sets.

  I stopped at  Goodwill quickly today to get change to pay for the Dream Kitchen and found a brand new roll of black and white checked Contact paper that makes a perfect kitchen floor. (And another Moxie Girl...with feet this time!)
   There are a couple of 70's pieces I'll get rid of to help defray the cost of the Dream Kitchen, because without doing that I couldn't really afford to spend money on myself right now.  Now that I think about it, with all the bad things that have been happening to me and around me, (My best friend has been having heart trouble lately, and my son cut his face and had to have stitches, and today I sliced my finger open on some broken glass.), this has been plopped in my lap to remind me that,while it doesn't make up for the heart problems or the facial scar, it at least means that not everything coming my way is bad. At this point a little hope means a lot!


  1. I never knew I wanted one of those before >.<
    Cute as heck!

    1. Thought you had seen those before.Anyway, that's kind of what I thought the first time I saw it!Maybe I'll leave it to you in my will. Fuzz has already nailed the glow in the dark lion and my bed!

  2. I received one of these when I was 7 years old in 1961. It was my favorite toy ever, played with those kitchen things for years. I've seen the Deluxe Dream Kitchen on E-Bay. In 1961, the price was $11.88 !!! I saw them at our local A and P super market, begged parents to buy it for me. It was my only Christmas present that year, and i couldn't have been happier.

  3. $11.88! Isn't that amazing? Makes you wish you had a time machine, doesn't it? I'd love to know if you still have your Dream Kitchen, and did you let your kids play with it?

  4. Oh no, I don't have the set. Wish I did. I wanted to buy it on E-Bay but it was about $100.00. I loved looking at pictures of it, brought back some nice memories. Time machine? Yes, wish I had one. Been checking out color forms recently, no stores in my area carry them any more, but I can purchased them on line.

  5. I had Colorforms too. My oldest daughter LOVED her Colorforms. She played with them every morning while she was potty training. (Literally WHILE she was.They kept her on it long enough and she didn't mind sitting there if she had her Colorforms.)Keep looking for your kitchen. Some day you'll come across an amazingly priced one. Good luck!

  6. I found one in the garbage and its bidding on eBay for $ 425.oo

    1. Well, It's LISTED at $425. That seems a bit steep, even with the box. It looks great though! Who throws stuff like this away?!


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