Saturday, September 14, 2013

This is The Stuff I Do

I do actually make things.Here are some of my older dolls.They have wooden heads and felt covered wire armatures.Mama Doll sold to a lady who then ordered Papa Doll. I hope she is taking good care of him because he is one of my favourites that I've made.He is about 2 and a half  inches tall, has pockets in his waistcoat and a watch chain made of thread, and spats!Their arms and legs are poseable. Her shawl is removeable.
This lady is polymer clay with jointed legs. Her hat is removeable. She's about 3 inches tall.She's going to be up for sale soon.
I make furniture as well as dolls. The chair and it's matching couch, as well as the little lady posing here, will all be for sale soon. She stands just over 2 inches tall and has poseable arms and legs. 

This is one of the newest dolls I've made. He has a polymer clay head, wire armature,sculpted felt hands, and cloth clothes. I made him a pocket watch,and pince nez glasses. I also made the buttons on his vest.

All the better to see you with.

He's just under 4 inches tall. Somehow he came out shorter than I'd intended, making him a very short old fellow for dollhouses.He'll go up for sale soon. Ebay or Etsy, that is the question.

These Raggedy dolls I made sold on Etsy. They measure just over 2 inches tall. They have all cloth clothes and rooted hair.

These little ladies will be going on Etsy or Ebay soon. I'm still deciding which. My earlier wooden head dolls had better sales on Etsy.These are polymer clay, with cloth clothes and moveable arms and legs. They're supposed to look like old fashioned China dolls.

They even have tiny underthings.

Here's the back view. I'm pretty proud of how the hair came out on these.

The back of lady #2. The shawl is removable.

And here she is from the front.

This gives you the idea of how small these ladies are. They make lovely dolls for little dollhouse girls.

Lady #3. I think she is a Civil War era lady.

And the side/back. I made the tiny stands too, out of necessity. There was no way to display them at shows without some way of making them stand up. My website for these dolls and furniture needs work and updated pictures, (All the dolls pictured have been sold.), but if you want to see more of what I have made,the site is, and there is a slideshow you can click on in the bottom right corner. I'll no doubt be talking about it on here when I  get these dolls and the furniture listed for sale.


  1. I would love to buy a set of your Raggedy Ann and Andy tiny dolls! How much?

    1. Thanks! I could make you a set, since I don't have any made at the moment.That would give you some choice as to fabric, etc. It would be $75 plus shipping. Send me your email address, (Which I won't publish of course.), and we can correspond about it.


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