Thursday, November 5, 2015

Top Ten Reasons You Have a Blog...

...Because nobody at home cares that you found that really cool 1/6 scale Shogun helmet at the junk store...

Apparently these were given away when you flew Japan Airlines.
It came in this little plastic base, but was made to be removable.

It HAD to load sideways! This is a reproduction of a helmet that belonged to Ieyasu Tokugowa. He was a pretty famous guy. He even has his own Wikipedia page which you can see HERE, although everybody else, including Wikipedia, seems to call him Tokugowa Ieyasu.

...not even when you tell them it actually fits on a doll...

That orange thing is supposed to go under his chin, but there was no way that was happening.

...or when you tell them you only paid $2 for the whole bunch of stuff...

... that also included a complete set of 'Tiny Tray' coasters that will make great 1/6 scale trays,a tiny version of the gauze angels you've been buying,and other stuff that matches stuff you already have.


  1. 1) That was two reasons. Three tops.
    2) Get that helmet on Fuzzy the Doll now.
    3) This is how I feel about my music blog though.

    1. 1. It was supposed to be like David Letterman's Top Ten List, but only one thing. I didn't number it because there will probably end up being more than ten, because I find lots of stuff nobody cares about.
      2. I KNOW! I wish I had found this when Fuzz was little! Wouldn't he have loved this?! Little big fir Fuzzy the doll though.
      3. I totally understand that!

  2. :D That's definitely a reason to have a blog

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