Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rare Ideal Pepper outfit: Hyland Fling

  For those of you interested in Ideal's Tammy and family dolls, I thought you might like to see these pictures of Tammy's sister Pepper's outfit Hyland Fling.(Yes, the 'highland' was actually spelled 'hyland'.)

 It's a cute dress with matching tam hat. These are the only pieces I had, but it also included red tights, short black boots,a storybook,and a googly eyed dog with a leash.The dog was a weird little wire bodied dog like the ones that used to be sold as car air fresheners when I was a kid. (I still have a few of those.)
Three snaps in the back. If I'm remembering correctly, the hat band is vinyl.

 Wool fabric and a real metal chain and heart.

Gold buttons and plastic-y pocket flaps, but no real pockets underneath.

The white shirt is attached.
  I can't find the year it was produced.
  I don't have it any more, since I agreed to sell it in exchange for keeping the Skooter doll, or whatever it was, that was also in the auction box. I came across the auction pictures recently though, and since the outfit is rare, I though some of you might be interested, or could use these pictures to help identify this outfit if you find one somewhere.

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