Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Girl For All Time Matilda For Only $60, But Only For The Next 33 Hours!

  The Kickstarter campaign at A Girl For All Time has only 33 hours left. If you pledge 60 pounds, which is about $57 US, you can get Matilda, the first doll AGFAT produced.

Matilda is Your Tudor Girl. She has a beautiful velvet Tudor era dress and a key necklace.She also has one of those interesting  A Girl For All  Time faces.
  I have A Girl For All Time Clementine,(You can read her review HERE.) and have seen Matilda at Pollock's toy shop in  Covent Garden. (You can read about that excursion HERE.) These dolls are more beautiful in person. They have wonderful faces and their vinyl is super smooth. Everything about them is well made.(And no, I do not get paid for these endorsements!)
  Time is running out so I wanted to let anybody who wants to take advantage know about the offer before it's too late. I believe the deadline is midnight Friday, April 15th. I'm not sure if that's British or American time. British time is 5 hours ahead of us. (As we are often reminded when trying to coordinate a time to call the sister in laws!)

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