Friday, August 12, 2016

A Yard Sale Haul

  It's already Friday and I did some more yard saling today,but I wanted to show you some of my good finds from last weekend. First of all is this bunch of goodies. The tricycle for Tippee Toes was 25 cents. From the same lady I got Cathy Quick Curl in her box for $3. Cathy was her childhood doll, and she lovingly smoothed Cathy's hair as she put her in the box for me.

I also got the When I Read I Dream Heidi doll for $3 at a different sale.

   I got these things at one sale. The musical Happy Birthday cake  plate and the Old Maid cards were 50 cents each, and the needs-to-be -restrung Mary Hartline was a dollar.

I kind of don't see the point of the Happy Birthday plate actually having that written on it, because once the cake's on it you can't see that anyway. I love the pictures on these Old Maid cards. I have an old miniature set with an Old Maid that looks like Carol Burnett, and the 1950's or 60's set from my childhood, so I've  inadvertently started a collection.

  This Polish doll was 25 cents, and came from the same sale as Cathy Quick Curl.

 I have another one of these that belonged to Ken's sister when she was a little girl. She gave it to us because when they were kids and the doll's hair fell out, their mother replaced it with Ken's hair, which it still has.

  I also got a vintage flowered tablecloth for 50 cents,8 vintage cloth napkins for 80 cents,and this signed Tasha Tudar book for 50 cents.

This is the second signed Tasha Tudor book I've found at a garage sale in this town. Both were less than a dollar.

  I got a load of Barbie furniture and clothes, a wooden swinging doll cradle and some other stuff for $2, a Moxie Girl, complete with clothes and shoes, a nude Bratzillaz Meygana, and an 18" Madame Alexander My Favourite Freinds doll, all for $2. The reason I got so much stuff was because it was the weekend of 2 community yard sales, including the biggest one in town,(Almost an entire housing development has sales.)  plus 2 church sales and random regular yard sales. I bought a lot of random things too, like DVDs and records,a Holly Hobbie sheet set,several chunks of fabric, a set of talking Three Stooges golf club covers, an almost complete Moxie Girlz Magic Snow cabin,and two vintage planters with fawns on them.
    Coming soon,a new doll, and more yard sale finds.


  1. You're lucky that you live somewhere that has so many yard sales this late in the summer. Where I live it gets so hot and humid in August that no one wants to have a yard sale. I don't blame them, since most yard sales and flea markets are held outdoors. Why bother setting up and sitting out in the sun if no one is going to come because no one wants to be outside in the heat? There will be some more sales when it cools off in September, maybe one or two in early October before it gets too cold. So I have that to look forward to. There's also a large thrift store near my house if I really need a second-hand shopping fix. But I tend to prefer yard sales. The prices are usually better. Then again, the thrift store does take credit cards.
    Signed, Treesa

    1. Sometimes there are sales as early as May, if the weather cooperates. But some years the spring is too rainy or too cold. Sales might last into the end of August, but rarely beyond. Maybe because everybody is busy with back to school things.But sometimes it's because it's freezing cold and wet by September. Sometimes we even get snow by then. Ohio is the land of unexpected weather, so you don't dare make too many plans too far ahead! Luckily we have a Goodwill and a Salvation Army, (Thrift stores) to tide me over during the winter!

  2. Wow, great haul! Some of my best memories of my grandfather are of playing old maid- he gave each character a funny voice. :)

    1. That's sweet. I played alot of Old maid with my youngest daughter when she was little. That's my Old Maid memory.


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