Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Francie & Casey House Mate Case

  Not too long ago I posted about Dawn's Apartment by Topper. I happened to find the pictures of some things I don't have any more on our old computer. Some of them were kind of hard to find, so I thought some of you might like to see the pictures. One of the other things I found pictures of was this Francie and Casey House Mate case from 1966.

It's a house and carrying case. The closure is up there on the roof.

There's a kitchen. Well, a picture of a kitchen.
You can only see the 'kitchen' when you fold down the pink bed. There should be a fold out table or something in the alcove on the left, where the orange thing is, near the floor.
The bed is that thin vacuform plastic and is often broken. It originally had a zebra print cover on it.

When the bed is folded up there is a vanity with a mirror on the other side. It's a Murphy bed I guess.
There is also a Francie &  Casey Studio House, which has two beds.

But it's one of the harder cases to find and the outside graphics are great. So there you are, A little eye candy for Christmas!

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