Friday, August 30, 2013

Doll Show Saturday and Malabar Farm

  So Saturday was the doll show, albeit a very small one. No money was made, but that was expected. It was nice to see my doll friends again though. Since it was such a tiny show and there were almost no customers it was a chance to visit with everybody.(For the big show in October I must insist on making money though!) The room was so tiny we were all able to walk around and see each other's stuff and talk to each other. I got a cute little baby and a Harry Potter I don't recognize.

  Emma was VERY into Harry Potter, (We all loved the books and read all of them as a family.), and had everything there was to do with it, so I'm surprised we somehow missed this guy. I thought he might be the Wizard Sweets Harry, since Emma didn't get him until she was older and she never took him out of the box. I am less familiar with him. But I checked him out today, (Since Emma moved out and left her dolls.) and it's not him. This guy is a good likeness of Daniel Radcliffe, much better than the other ones. (Luckily they got Rupert Grint right the first time, because Mattel only made one Ron.)
  I also did some trading. I got a handful of dolls clothes from my friend Casey and she'll pick a pile of mine at the October show.
  I got one of the best condition vintage Skipper Flower Girl dresses I have ever seen from a lady. I'm going to sell her awesome miniature spinning wheel online for her in exchange.

   (This thing is great! The parts really move and it even has wool on it. I have a couple, but I think hers is the best I've seen.)
  And of course my friend Connie GAVE me more stuff (She does that.),

Anybody know who this kid is? She has a body like a Tiny Teen, and is marked Takara, Made in Japan.

...and restrung the doll I got a few weeks ago, which you might have seen in my Fantastic Finds of the Week post. Since I was thinking about it anyway and everybody was advising that I do it,I removed her silver ringlet wig.  She has cute molded hair underneath.  I thought she would make a cute boy, but they were all for keeping her a girl because they preferred girl dolls. I'll think about it. I need to remove her /his wig glue. Someone recommended Goo Gone, but if anybody knows anything better I'd love to hear it.
  I think I did pretty well. I didn't spend too much, and we made almost what the table cost. It was for a good cause anyway, because the table fees go to preserve the beautiful historic house the show is held in the annex of. (Is that correct grammer?!) The house is great, with lots of old features that it would be a shame to lose if the house were sold and updated, like all the bells in the kitchen that were used to ring to from the upstairs rooms. They're all still on the wall and you feel like someone is going to ring down to the kitchen for breakfast in bed or something any minute.I could move in there right now and live, except for that shag carpeting...

   Speaking of, I could also move in and live quite happily at Malabar Farm, here in Ohio. It was the home of Pulitzer Prize winning author, screenplay writer, and conservationist Louis Bromfield. (He wrote 'The Rains Came', which has been made into a movie several times, including 'Rain' with Joan Crawford.), and is now a State Park. The house has been preserved as it was the last time the family lived there in the 1950's. Much of the decor is much older. Apparently Jimmy Cagney sold vegetables from their farm stand out at the road (which you can still buy vegetables from, although Jimmy is no longer there.) Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were friends of the Bromfields and were actually married in the house, and spent their honeymoon there.

That wall paper is still on the walls.

Ivy and I, who love old movies,had fun coming down the double staircases 'Bogie and Bacall ' came down when they met in the entryway to take their vows. We also stood behind the table where they stood to cut their wedding cake.

This table is still there, and they have a fake wedding cake set up.
  Anyway,go if you ever get a chance,especially if you are a Bogart or Bacall fan. I've been there twice and would go again. It's like a walk back in time. Plus there is a nice farm and animals to see. (And there is a house with a ghost story nearby, (on the property I think). )They also have a walking trail and events throughout the year.It's a beautiful place and a nice day out for the family. Check out their webpage at  I also have to add that Lauren Bacall, who is now 88 years old, still signs autographs, and with amazing speed. I wrote to her a couple of years ago and she sent back the two pictures I sent in about a week, both with a wonderful signature.

I was going to give one to Emma, but until she cares to take it they are both MINE!
  So that's it.See you soon.


  1. I'm about a year too late for this, but I believe that Takara doll is a Ton-Chan doll.

    1. Hey, better late than never! Thanks for the information. It looks like you're right.


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