Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Return of the Internet and the Miniature Show

  Well, our modem has been replaced and we have internet again. It's been out since late last week. You have no idea how dependent you have become on the internet until you lose it! We were constantly wanting to research something and remembering that we couldn't! What a pain."Yeah, I'll go look that up.----No I won't!" 
  Anyway, the miniature show was Saturday. Like other doll related shows, it was a lot less busy than previous years. I sold bits and pieces which I did NOT make, and nothing that I did make. Several people looked at my Mrs. Beasley dolls, and one lady asked about the blue fainting couch. But alas, no buyers.

Little Beasley, and yes, she and the other one are poseable, and their glasses are removeable.

Slightly bigger Beasley

That blue fainting couch.

So. All that stuff is going on Ebay or Etsy. I keep getting told that I just need to give it time, to keep doing shows until people decide they can't live without my stuff, or figure out what they can use it for. But doing shows is so expensive. The tables at the miniature show are $110! Luckily I know a lady I share with, so that makes it an almost affordable $55. But there are other costs too. The gas it takes to get to the shows is one. Some people come an awfully long way. I drove a little over an hour myself. (Ivy and I made it worth it by doing some shopping while we were there, but she still didn't find a winter coat she likes.)Think how much you have to sell to make up the costs, let alone make a profit. And then of course, at dolls shows, (but not so much at the miniature shows), people ask you if you will take less than you have the stuff priced for! I sold alot of very small stuff, which I have to say I had at amazing prices.But that means I have to sell even more to make any money. I don't think I did more than make my table cost. (And less than that when you consider that the stuff I sold had to be paid for originally too.) If I were selling bigger ticket items, like the stuff I made, I would actually make some money.Oh well. We shall see. It may not be worth continuing this business.The lady I shared my table with suggested I make more dolls. I said I didn't know if I wanted to waste my time making more dolls I'm not selling.Still, I sold all the dolls I put on Etsy, so maybe that's the way I need to go with this thing.I am noticing that my hands are getting sore from doing alot of the stuff. I may have left it too long to start this stuff now. I may be getting too old and arthritic!

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