Thursday, November 28, 2013

Beginning to feel alot like Christmas! (But Happy Thanksgiving anyway)

  So much to do this time of year! Emma and I went to Detroit to see Mike Nesmith last week. Emma has loved The Monkees since I showed them to her when she was little. We got her a 'meet and greet' ticket for The Monkees for her 18th birthday and she got the three that were doing that tour to sign her Monkees metal lunch box. Mike was the only one she didn't have,and she missed getting a 'meet and greet' ticket last time. So she bought herself a 'meet and greet' for this show and Mike signed her lunch box too. (Apparently he said, "You're completing the four. Are you excited?" He had no idea!) She had unfortunate problems with her camera dying and her phone having a full picture storage, so she was going to give up on getting a picture, but Mike was very nice and insisted on having one of his guys take a picture and her email address so they could send it to her.
  I've been busy trying to get loads of things ready for Ebay so I can see my house again! I'll have some of the things I made on sometime in the next few days. Ken will be listing the other stuff, (which includes tons of vintage Christmas things and American Girl and Bitty Baby dolls and stuff), but I have to get it ready too. I'm keeping the Samantha I found for a dollar at a yard sale this summer. Somebody has to model all these things!
  I also was busy trying to keep Ivy at bay so she didn't get to the computer and watch the 50th anniversary Doctor Who without me and Ken! Had to watch her like a hawk!
  I had a good day at Goodwill last week. I found an auburn piggy Chatty Cathy, a Kologne Kiddle in her bottle,some Pogo figures, and a Betsy Clark doll. Yay!
  Monday night was a quick trip to the Big City to buy vegetarian goodies for Thanksgiving. Fuzz wanted 'ham', I wanted a Quorn loaf (which I did NOT get), or Verisoy 'chicken' drumsticks that I THOUGHT would satisfy at least three of the four vegetarians, but surprisingly Emma said no. I got it anyway, because it's delicious! As for Ivy, she doesn't like anything.
  I have been planning a fall photo story, but I'm thinking it's a bit late for that. We had snow again today.Between that and all the Christmas stuff I've been getting ready for Ebay "it's beginning to look (feel) alot like Christmas"!

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