Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Sold One of My Handmade Minaiture Dolls! And More Besides!

  I'm still working on the tale of London, but I have a quick story to tell.
  Yesterday was the small doll show here in town. Nobody ever makes any money, but the tables are only $20 and it's a nice chance to sit around and talk with friends. My friend Karen was there. I haven't seen her since the big doll show last year. I had a table and I did sell a few dollhouse items, and actually made back my table cost plus 50 cents! Then I had a couple of other sales that excited me, because I sold some of the things I made! Two ladies, mother and daughter, each bought something I had made. Mom bought this little lady.

She's an inch tall. (The doll, not the lady who bought her!)
And she has moveable arms and legs.

I have probably shown her to you before as a Doll-of-the-Day, but I'm very proud that somebody wanted her enough to buy her!

It's always sad to see your creations go. You want think they're going to a good home,where they will be well taken care of. After all, alot of your time went into making them.
  The daughter bought three of my miniature bulletin boards. I don't think I had photographed them. They were the kind with criss crossed ribbons to hold the things on the board. Mine were extra nice because I even bothered to tuft them, as if they had tiny buttons, like the big ones.They were all different. One was sort of teenage themed, with prom tickets and birthday cards. One was sewing themed. It was made with fabricc that had pictures of tiny scissors and spools of thread, ('cotton reels', for our British friends.), and tucked in the ribbons were a pair of metal scissors, some pattern packets,etc. I think the third one was for a child's room, and had birthday party invitations and drawings.   
  I was more pleased than anything that somebody had bought something I made. It's been pretty discouraging taking stuff to several shows and not selling a thing. I was selling my dolls pretty well on Etsy,(I'm Tamsykens.), but then I didn't get anything put on for a while, and I never got anything back on. Emma came over and helped me get the stuff on in the first place, but by the time I needed to put things back on, I had forgotten how to do it, and Emma hasn't had time to come over and help me start over. My kids get frustrated having to show me how to do things on the computer over and over, but I really have no memory for it. I have always been bad about remembering computer steps. Years ago, in 1989, when I worked at a shoe store, we opened and closed the store with a computer. You can imagine, back in those days it was a much simpler computer than we have nowdays. But I could still never remember the steps to the procedures for opening and closing the store.Unless I had my written directions I couldn't do it. Sometimes I still messed up. It was a pain, because sometimes I opened the store by myself, and closed with maybe one person with me. I HATED it. I'm much better with things I can do by hand. Or even count with my brain. Just don't ask me to do computer stuff. I still barely get along doing this blog!


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your latest creeation. Keep in touch.

    1. Thanks so much. Hopefully I can get back to making stuff soon and actually get it on Etsy.

  2. Oh wow! That doll is adorable! And so tiny! May I sdk which material you used for the doll?

    1. Thanks. She has a wooden bead head, a wire armature with a felt covered body, and painted arms and legs. Her face is painted with enamel paint, and glossed. She has non removeable clothes with tiny undies!


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