Friday, August 21, 2015

What I Did on My Summer Vacation: England Day 4: The Humber Bridge and a Family Dinner

  On day 4 we traveled with sisters Gloria and Marjorie, and respective spouses, to see the Humber Bridge.

Emma, Ivy,brother in law Cliff, his wife, sister Marjorie,me,sister Gloria and her husband Alan.
The Humber Bridge took 8 years to build, and at the time it opened in 1981 it was the longest  single span suspension bridge in the world.

 These days, it's only the seventh longest, at 22.2 kilometers, or 1.38 miles lomg.
We are the tiny specks on the bridge.

We are a family of photographers. Emma must have a corresponding photo to this one.

I think this might be it...
Queen Elizabeth II officially opened the bridge.

And Ken was actually one of the first of the public to be allowed on the bridge.He worked with a man who knew one of the engineers working on the building of the bridge. Shortly before the bridge was finished the engineer arranged for special permission to be given to the group of photography hobbyists Ken was included in, to go on and photograph the bridge.
Very young Ken, fifth from left. The man on the far right is the man Ken worked with, and the man on Ken's left is the engineer who arranged the photo opportunity for them.

 I kept trying to get a good shot of the view from the bridge.

The camera I was using was frustrating me, so I switched to the one Ken was using.

That's better. I think of pictures like this as 'postcard shots'. In other words, they look like postcards.Is that good or not?

After we left the bridge we had a drink at a pretty pub.

Cliff, Alan, Gloria, Marjorie, Ken, Emma, me, and Ivy.
The girls discovered an orange pop called J2O, which they got a little hooked on and tried out in different flavours for the rest of the trip.
Then we traveled to Doncaster to have dinner with sister Gloria's son James and family.

Ken, Alan, Cliff,me,Marjorie,Ivy, Emma, Gloria,James,his son William and wife Emma. (Yes, that can get confusing.)
You may have read my post about The Lucky Pound Puppy before I left. Nephew James was the owner of Tootsie the Pound Puppy, (Who is still in his old bedroom at his parents house.),and his son William is who I bought the new Pound Puppy for.

More cousins! The girls actually knew James, as Gloria and family frequently visited over the years, but we had never met his wife Emma or son William.
 I carried the concealed puppy over at dinner and told James I had what I thought was an appropriate gift for William. James looked very curious, and when I pulled out the puppy James broke into a huge smile and exclaimed, "Tootsie!"William liked 'Tootsie Jr.' well enough...

...but he had some doubts about Great Uncle Ken...

...serious doubts...
 ...very serious doubts!

 He much preferred his Grama.           
Gran! Get this guy away from me!
 Back at Gloria's that night we tried to retire early, as we had to get up at 4 the next morning to catch the train to London. That's right people, we're finally getting to some toys.

Well it's about time!
 I didn't get great pictures at Pollock's, but I made a doll purchase decision there that is driving me crazy now, saw some cool stuff I would have loved to have bought, and on following days I visited the world's oldest toy store, (Do you know what it is?), and the largest Disney Store in Europe, both of which I took LOTS of pictures in! So stay tuned!

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