Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Giveaway at A Girl For All Time

  A quick note to let everyone who may be interested, (and those who aren't who read this anyway...), that A Girl For All Time is having a competition to win Amelia's ballet costume.

Photos borrowed from A Girl For All Time's Facebook Page. I hope they don't mind, but I wanted to show you the beautiful outfit you can win.
You can enter on the A Girl For All Time website, or on their Facebook page. No purchase necessary, and there are ways to enter additional times, for extra chances to win. The competition closes at midnight on October 11th, (That may be British time, so you'll want to make sure you get in in plenty of time. Britain is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Standard U.S. time.) Good luck everybody...but not too good, because I've entered too!


  1. Did so enjoy this article on a beautiful doll. Reminded me of a fifth grade friend who was all tom boy, then, by magic, and years she turned into a beautiful woman. Though her heart and words sometimes were unfair, she remained dear. She had blonde hair and was very talented. We used to have a roaring good time running around, playing different sports, riding horses, and talking about music/books.
    Sometimes this is the basis for a child falling in love with a doll over memories of childhood and innocence. My husband says I am still in the mode. Thanks for this interesting bit on dolls. atk

    1. I still love dolls and toys that remind me, not only of toys I had or wanted, but just of the time.Toys other kids had, that were so familiar from seeing others with them when I was little, still take me back to my childhood. I started to collect Skipper dolls and Crissy family dolls for that reason!


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