Monday, October 26, 2015

Whoo Hoo! Recent Goodwill Finds

  I have made some really good finds at Goodwill in the last two weeks.
I got these three girls for a dollar each!

The Barbie and the Midge I got last week, and the Little Miss Revlon the week before.

Midge and Barbie have perfect face paint and all their hair. (Oh, I got some great old 78's at Salvation Army too: Cab Calloway and Billie Holiday for me, and Betty Hutton and Judy Garland for Ivy.)

They even have all their nail polish.

But as you can see, there are a couple of problems with Barbie.
The fairly small problem.
And the great big whopper problem.
The green ear is such a shame, considering how perfect she is otherwise. Her face is really pink...where it's not green.

These pictures were taken when I first got home after buying Barbie and Midge.I did actually manage to clean some of the green off. (And of course, I removed her earrings.) Luckily she has big pouffy hair. I washed her and managed to bring a side curl over to hide most of the green. Someday I might try to remove the green, but I've heard the stuff that removes the green can also start taking off the face paint and change the hair colour if it gets too close. With my luck she'd turn out even worse than this. For now I can use that side curl and turn her a bit sideways!

Little Miss Revlon has some mild green ear herself. Her dress is pretty, but homemade, and has never even had the snaps put on. She is wearing real Little Miss Revlon undies and bra though.
  I went back to Goodwill the day after I found Barbie and Midge to see if their clothes had shown up. No such luck. After I bought them I began to wonder if they were Barbra and Mardge McDorm. I figure they have to show up someday, and when they do, I'll be there to find them!


  1. Sorry to see damage of such pretty doll. If you don't mind I will leave here a link from polish forum, where this problem is discussed: First two posts are about those green stains cause by metal earrings. Here: I found a method they mentioned on forum. Never tried it, but I hope you will find a way to get rid of those nasty stains :(

  2. I've removed green ear with tremendous success by using acne spot treatment cream (it has to contain 10% Benzyole in the ingredients is the trick.) Spread it over the green ear area, then wrap the area with plastic wrap and leave it in a sunny window for 2-7 days. Repeat as many times as necessary. :)

    1. I've read about that treatment for years, but have never tried it. I've been kind of scared off by reading that it can fade the face paint and turn the hair green. Have you ever had it do either of those? I even read that it can make the hair completely brittle and it just disintegrates. I think that happened with a Mod Era doll though.Does the plastic wrap keep the fumes off the paint and hair? Because I read it was the fumes that did the damage, if you put the doll in a sealed container with the acne medicine on it. I may try it on some of my worst dolls. What do I have to lose if they are already so far gone??!


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