Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Long Time No Write: Christmas, and Star Wars the Force Awakens. Don't Worry,No Spoilers!

  Whoa! I didn't even realize how long it had been since I last posted until I looked at my last post: December 2nd! The last thing I posted was my Christmas list! I was really busy this season. Once again I didn't get a chance to do the Christmas photostories I had planned last year! I didn't even get to post the Christmas pictures I took for a quick 'Happy Holidays' post. What I did do was overhaul a couple of rooms. Took me three days to clean up Fuzzys old room. He left a huge mess behind when he moved out in September. Eventually I want to use that room as my supply room for all the stuff I use to make things. Most people call that a 'craft room' but as my family knows, I balk at calling what I do 'crafting', being a bit big headed about it and preferring to call it 'art'!
  I had a wonderful Christmas. All of our kids were here, which is most of what I ask of a holiday. Although Emma just lives down the street, she works so much that we don't get to see her as much as we would like. It was nice to have her here for the day. We haven't seen much of Fuzzy at all since he moved out. He spent most of the day with us, along with his girlfriend Shanna. It was nice to spend a little more time with Shanna and get to know her a little better. I hope she felt like part of the family. Ivy is our last child at home. I don't look forward to the day she moves out too. My favourite part of the day, other than the fact that Fuzz wasn't here, was the 2 or 3 hours the rest of us spent crammed on to the couch, watching Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, just being together.)
  I got quite a few things I was wanting for Christmas, but, as Ken said, it was a 'doll-light Christmas'. In other words, it was light on dolls. Ken bought me the Bunny Blanc Ever After High I wanted, and Emma bought me the Irish Madame Alexander Travel Friends doll. (She wasn't on my list, but I did want her.I mentioned that back when I reviewed the India Travel friends Doll.) Ivy also gave me a beautiful miniature china tea set.
  As for Star Wars, Ivy and I rewatched all 6 of the earlier movies in preparation for seeing the new one, The Force Awakens. I managed to not hear anything about it before we saw it, the day after Christmas. Although the big reveals weren't that big a surprise this time, (Not like The Empire Strikes Back,when, just days before I was finally going to see it, 3 year old Unsentimental Niece unceremoniously announced "Darth Vader is Luke's dad." "Whaatt?! Nooooooooo!!"), it was nice to at least have the chance to guess first. For the record, I thought The Force Awakens was pretty good,was true to the old characters, and had that wonderful sense of humour the originals had, without giving up the drama. It was nice to see female pilots and generals, and even the female lead character. It was a bit weird to watch this new movie, with the original cast, and think that I went to see the original Star Wars when I was 15! I was younger than Ivy, my youngest child, and here I am at almost 54, watching the latest Star Wars movie, and they still have the same people playing the parts I saw them playing back in 1977! How many movie franchises have had such a long and continuous history, especially with the same cast?! It's even stranger than seeing a new Harry Potter movie in 2039, still cast with Daniel Radcliff,Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and even Robbie Coltrane and Alan Rickman.(It's hard to find a comparison to Anthony Daniels as C3PO and Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca. Maybe if Scabbers the rat and Crookshanks the cat had been played by actors in costume?) The main Harry Potter cast was a lot younger than the Star Wars cast when their movies started.
  Anyway, I will be back more often now that the holidays are over. I have some posts already planned.

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