Wednesday, January 6, 2016

What Have I Been Doing All This Time? Making a Tiny Wedding Cake, That's What.

  I haven't posted much lately. (Stay with me. Later this week I'll have a doll post up.)  I was busy over the holidays,in part making a miniature of our nephew Chris and his wife Carly's wedding cake. It was part of the Christmas package we sent to the family in England. We don't usually send gifts to the WHOLE family, but it seemed fitting this year. I thought of it as a thank you for all the fuss they went to, the cooking for us, hosting us,chauffeuring us, making time and traveling to visit with us, while we were over last summer. Ken met some relatives that hadn't even been born when he left home, and others that had married in since. The girls and I had only met part of the ones that existed when Ken moved to America. We missed Chris and Carly's wedding by a month or so, (They married in September after we left in August.). We have watched Chris grow up, since he visited regularly with his parents, but we had never met Carly. Ken's sister Marjorie, who treated us to the trip sent us a DVD of the wedding, so we saw their unique cake.

Carly and Chris cut the real thing.
 Their wedding had a seaside theme, so the cake is covered with beach huts, (For changing in.), pails and shovels,starfish,and sea shells.
 Later when I was trying to think of a gift for them I got the idea to make them a miniature version. They can use it as a decoration or a Christmas ornament, and always be reminded of  their wedding cake.

  It's made of polymer clay. I used aluminum foil as the base and covered it. Then I made templates for the houses. Ivy assured me that the roof parts weren't scalloped edges, like I thought, but twisted pieces of fondant.I figured her eyes were better than mine, even with my glasses on. I made all the houses around the cake that way, and then scrutinized the close up photo Carly had posted of the cake top again. Ivy was wrong! It was a scalloped edge! At least I got the top one right.

I had so much other stuff to do that I didn't get around to searching through my ribbon until the last minute. Luckily I had some ribbon scraps that were exactly the right colour and width. (That was a close one, because it had to be very narrow.) The weirdest part was, my scraps amounted to exactly enough to trim the bottom, and use as the hanging loop.

  It's about 3" tall, maybe a little bigger. I wish I had taken a picture comparing it to a 1/12 scale and a 1/6 scale doll, so we could see what scale it really is. Maybe somewhere between the two, or even either?

   It was hard to get some of the details from the pictures we had available. I went back and forth between the wedding video and a shot of the top that Carly posted on Facebook, but I'm sure I still didn't get it all right.
   I made it a special padded box, but I hope it made it there in one piece!

  Unfortunately, I didn't look at the pictures I took until after the package was shipped, because when I did I noticed that bride Carly seems to have lost an eye!

  Hopefully they are handy with a pen!


  1. That is very cute and what a great theme for a wedding, a beach theme. I used to love it when I was a child and every summer when we went on holiday, so my parents would rent a beach hut too....many many hours were spent eating and sheltering from the rain in our rented beach hut! Oh and off course brewing up pots of tea to keep us warm!
    I think your miniature version of their cake will be a great reminder to the newly weds of their special day!
    Well done!

    1. Thanks so much. I'm never in love with most of the stuff I make. I always find so many flaws!

  2. The cake looks great! You've done a great job :).


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