Wednesday, March 9, 2016

American Character Little Toni Doll

  We were moving some boxes the other week, (Ok. I was.), when I came across the box with this doll in it.
I had her bangs laying down, but they have since popped up again.  

I thought she was so pretty. So while she had been in a box of stuff to sell, I sort of snagged her for myself.

She's a Toni doll by American Character.

You can see the American Character logo on her back.

The original Toni dolls were larger than this girl, and debuted in 1949. Following that doll's success,Toni dolls came in several sizes throughout the 1950's. This is Little Toni, and she's 10 1/2" tall.
Why Toni! What big feet you have!

The Toni dolls originally came with a 'play perm' since they were tie ins with the Toni home permanent.The 'setting lotion' the dolls came with to 'perm' their hair was sugar water!Apparently it didn't work well.
As you can see, my girl could do with a touch up to her 'do'.

She has green sleep eyes with hard molded lashes.

Toni dolls were competitors of the more well known Miss Revlon dolls. This girl is around the same size as Little Miss Revlon.
Little Miss Revlon on the left, Little Toni on the right.
Toni has a very different face from Little Miss Revlon, a bigger head,but a similar body.
Little Miss Revlon's identifying marks.

Little Miss Revlon competitors were plenty.Here are Little Miss Revlon and Toni with a Uneeda Tiny Teen Suzette. 

Tiny Teen has a much more similar face to Little Miss Revlon.

All three have almost identical bodies and hands.(You'll notice Toni is missing a pinky finger.)You can see other similarities too. Look at those feet.
Little Miss Revlon has bigger hands.
'Uneeda' on Tiny Teen's head.
 While I'm at it I'll compare her with Miss Ginger, another Little Miss Revlon competitor.

Like Tiny Teen, she has a short neck. Her arms are a little pudgier than the other girls'.

But again, the same feet.
The one piece undies are Toni's original clothes.

The dolls came in this one piece underwear, or in outfits. I'm assuming the underwear dolls were cheaper. A lot of additional clothes were made for her too.

Now I just need to get her some clothes worthy of her.


  1. I am GREEN with envy that you have the redhead I've been searching for for decades!!! Would you be willing to sell/trade her? I have a lot of Toni dolls, most in better shape; I have many complete, original outfits...

    1. I really like her, but you're welcome to make an offer. Leave your email address,(which I won't publish),and I'll correspond with you privately.


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