Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everybody!

 I know I promised a report on my birthday gifts, but I wanted to take some outdoor shots and the weather hasn't been cooperating. We have had rain, cold, and even some snow and frost. My poor daffodils are still not open. I do, however, have some baby tomato plants starting, and some of my amaryllis' are almost ready to bloom. On top of the weather, I, along with Ken and Ivy, have had a bad cold that's been lingering on for about 3 weeks now,and some sort of eye thing that has had me waking up with my eyes glued shut! They have been blurry throughout the day too. And to top everything off, our basement flooded about 6 weeks ago, and our water heater still doesn't want to re-light. So we've been abusing Emma's hospitality to take showers, and boiling water to do dishes. Either the water heater is going to dry out enough eventually to restart, (To be fair, it was under a foot and a half of water for about a week.), or we are going to need a new water heater. When our basement flooded a couple of years ago during the hot summer, it took a week or more for it to dry out, so I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt with the weather being so cold, (And so the basement is cold too.), that it will take a bit longer this time.


  1. Happy Easter! Red-headed Fern pulls off the pink dress well.

  2. And a happy Easter to you. Any idea about the doll show yet? I thought the Tonner convention was over by Sunday?

    1. I looked into it further, and it looks like the doll show is actually held in conjunction with the convention. It will be held at the same hotel the convention is at. So it looks like I will see you there!

    2. I knew it was at the same hotel, but I thought the Tonner thingy was over on Saturday and the show is on Sunday. So we'll have to exchange phone numbers and get hold of each other on the day.


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