Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy--YARD SALE!!

   I have been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to do anything on here except reply to comments. Ken's sister and her husband visited from England for a few days. We took them around to some things we hoped they would find interesting.That included a visit to the home of President Harding, which is right here in town. We have the president's tomb too, but they've seen that. Not that there is a lot to see, just a couple of tombs and a tree.  The house is a lot more interesting. It's got some replaced wall paper, but otherwise it looks pretty much like it did when Harding died in 1923. (That suits me fine. I could move right in, but I think the historical society would have a problem with that...) It's furnished and decorated almost 100% with items that actually belonged to the President and his wife. The things were all put in storage when the Hardings went to Washington, and since the president died in office and his wife couldn't bear to go back to the house, they stayed there. There are lots of rumours about the house being haunted by Mrs. Harding, but our guide assured us that none of  the people working there had ever seen anything. I was disappointed by that! While I don't wish Mrs. Harding the misery of walking the Earth for eternity, it would be interesting. As it was, the most interesting part was the clock on the stair landing.It was a wedding gift to the Hardings, and was hung on the stair landing before the wedding. Since then it has stopped only a handful of times:at the exact moment of Harding's death, and on that minute on the 50th anniversary of his death, and one other random time. The staff of the home these days make an evening of the anniversary of Harding's death every year, sitting around the clock, waiting for something to happen. Or, in this case, stop happening. Well, the clock has stopped one other time: while we were there! The minute was right for the time Harding died, but not the hour. Hmm.
  The in-laws also have a big interest in cars.So we took them to a small nearby town that is home to the world's largest collection of running Edsel cars. Whoever would have thought that such a tiny town would have such an unexpected collection? I love any old stuff, so I enjoyed the cars too. 
 What else have I been up to? Fall house cleaning for one. We don't have air conditioning, so Spring cleaning is pretty uncomfortable. Part of that 'cleaning' involved taking stock of all our stuff. I think I've mentioned that we used to do doll and toy shows. We quit for years when the kids were growing up.We did a few doll shows in the last few years, but I have retired from shows again. It's just too hard to make a profit with the amazingly high cost of tables, and poor sales. The huge show we used to do is now a tiny show, which is going to kill it. I have been organizing all the stuff we have and trying to get rid of a lot of it. I have made several hauls to Goodwill, but there is still alot of stuff here! I have also actually pulled a bunch of stuff out of my personal collection and I'm letting it go. I just have too much stuff and no room for it. Having said that, I have bought some stuff lately!
But this stuff was so amazing!

I had been keeping an eye on a place here in town that always has some great stuff at their yard sales. The people there used to go to a lot of auctions and had a stall at an antique mall in a nearby town. Their place is where I made the amazing finds I told you about HERE and HERE. They always have some interesting stuff. It's also the same place I got the Ginny wanna be and Barbie patio set last year, which you saw HERE.Anyway, they had their tent up and had looked like they were getting ready for a sale for weeks.Finally they had it, and I stopped. I went through the loads of old sheet music and bought several for Ivy, and a 1947 "Night before Christmas" book.We had paid, and on my way to the van I remembered I was going to look at a bag a miniature houses. It was even better than just houses! It had these great cats in it!

The lady is my favourite of the two. Love her dress.She needs a parasol. Maybe someday I'll make one for her.

The guy is pretty amazing too. Look at those whiskers.

Look at their hair! In spite of their tripod look, they don't stand up on their own. Their previous owner has put sticky tac on their feet.

                                                              They're only 2 1/2" tall.

If anybody knows the artist I'd love to know.

  And there was some really cool really tiny stuff in the bag too.

You can tell how tiny this stuff is by comparing it to the cats in the big picture below.
And besides the cats and the tiny stuff  there was something else I spotted in the bag that I thought might pay for my cats.

This barn and these tiny houses are 1/144 scale They're wonderfully made.

Look at that tiny little saddle!

Unfortunately it has a broken roof.

I'd live in a real house like this one.

Uhh, except I'd want furniture.

And of course the big one.

Look at the little walkway.

All those tiny details.

There's a tree missing from this end.

Nice place, but it's unfurnished.
 And this one has something extra special about it...

It's numbered and signed.

 I hadn't heard of Pat Russo, so I looked her up. I found a "Row Shops" that had recently sold for $350! 

This was in the bag too. I guess it's the original price sticker.
I still like the cats best though!


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    1. I LOVE them! I'd really like to find the name of the artist, but so far, no luck.

  2. Wow good mini finds! And those dollhouses are just gorgeous. I found one at an antique mall for 25 dollars and I had to practice restraint as I have no where to put them!

    Also I just want to thank you again for your replies on one of your ai doll reviews, your kindness lifted my spirits and now I have all four head sculpts and I'll probably stay that way unless I find a doll super cheap. You're a wonderful woman and I wish you the best :)

    1. Well thank you!I'm speechless. I bet you could find room for those houses. They're only a couple of inches tall!

  3. Excellent miniatures. I wish I had houses like that. :-D


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