Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Yard Sale Find: Vogue Ginny or Not?

    It was a dark day today, so these pictures aren't my best. But I mentioned recently that I have made some good yard sale finds. Well here's one of them.

  This little doll. She's about 8" tall, and she's what's known as a 'walker'. When her legs are moved back and forth in a walking motion her head turns from side to side. She works well.
  I'm hoping somebody out there can help me with a positive identification on this girl. She looks like a Ginny, but is she a  real Ginny, or one of the many Ginny wanna be dolls? Before you suggest it, I can't check the back of her head because the wig she's wearing is glued down too far to see the back of her head. (That's another question: Is this wig her original?)

 No markings on her back either.

Pardon the nudity, but it's not gratuitous. I'm hoping someone can identify her by her body mold.

 Her fingers are a bit distinctive.
She has dark blue sleep eyes with hard, molded lashes.

 She needs her lips retouched.
She's wearing a tagged Vogue outfit, which is a Ginny outfit. Update: The outfit is a Ginny outfit from 1956, called Gym Kids. The hat is part of it. I was only missing the pink socks and black shoes.

The outfit has such a cute shirt...

...and a matching pair of what we used to call 'pedal pushers'.

The shoes are obviously modern.
I couldn't get the shoes off.There are molded shoes on her feet,so she's not a Ginny.
My favourite part of the outfit though is the hat! It's a cute little pink beanie with an elastic chin strap.

I got this doll at the same place where Emma and I made an awesome yard sale haul a few years ago. You may have read about it in one of my previous posts: HERE.
  Although I do love the outfit on this doll,I'm not much into Ginny dolls. What I really liked was the other thing in the box with her:

This Barbie patio set is from 1998. I have found  a chair and cushion before, but not the whole set. I'd never seen the table before.

  There was also a light up garden arch.

Unfortunately the arch is a weird scale. It's way too big for 1/12 scale, and, at about 10 inches tall, not quite tall enough for 1/6 scale.  If it weren't made with an attached base I could figure out a way to make it just that little bit taller. There was a Barbie sister Stacie bicycle too.
  So while I'll probably be getting rid of the doll, I'm keeping the furniture.


  1. What a great find on the patio furniture! People ask a lot of money for that set on evilbay. Sometimes I wish I'd bought it when it was still in store.

    1. I know! I was really pleased. I figure selling the Ginny will pay for my furniture. I like to be able to do that. It makes me able to afford to collect.

  2. Hi there. I do not think you have a Ginny there. Ginny copies typically had molded shoes while Ginny has little feet.

    1. Thanks. That's what I was thinking. Do you know what doll she might be? Or where I could find out the name of the outfit?

  3. The only thing what I think I can tell: the shoes are from that bigger-sized Kelly doll, which was available at Amazon. They are too small for your doll, which is adorable! If I were you, I could not sell it :)

    1. The shoes could also be from more modern Ginny. I love the clothes, but I'm not grabbed by this particular doll. Sometimes it's not as hard to let something go.


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