Saturday, January 13, 2018

What I Got For Christmas

  I'm not gone! I'm still here. I've just been taking a break. You may have read me say I have been having some health concerns, but I think it's stress. I'm still having problems, but I'm feeling better. I'm not going into it more, because this is my happy place.
  Meanwhile,it's freezing again. the day before yesterday it was in the high 50's,(Fahrenheit.). yesterday our street looked like this.

  It's even deeper today.
  I was so busy over Christmas, that for the first year since I've been doing the blog I didn't find time to do my Christmas list. (Fortunately for me,Ken shopped my Ebay watching list!) So, I'm going to post my birthday wish list this year. My birthday is in March, so Ken will have some time. I'll be working on that. In the meantime,here's what I got for Christmas.
  I'll save the most 'doll' gift for another post in a day or two.
   So,first of all,I finally got the Target elves I've been wanting for the past few years,ever since Emma got one. (You can see Emma's on his Doll-A-Day post HERE.)

I got the girl too! These were from Ken. I did more than hint when we were shopping at Target,so he couldn't help but know I wanted them.
Ivy made me a vase in her ceramics class and bought me this Fozzie Bear.

He's about 10" tall. Good,isn't he?
I also got plenty of movies. These were from Ken.

And these were from Emma.

Plus Ken got me these boxed sets I've been after for years.

The original "Poldark",which was my version of a soap opera during my teens.
Ken got me the new Neil Finn,(Ex-Crowded House and Split Enz),album,on vinyl,just like I wanted.

He also got me some reading material.

Ken also got me the Shirley Temple stamp I only recently found out had been made,and these new old cards to replace some of the cards in my childhood 'Touring' game that are starting to fall apart,since Ken and I play it all the time.

They're old, but they're still sealed,because ken knows how OCD I am about used things,(In spite of owning so many old,used things!)

My friend Lori got me a Wizard of Oz calendar,a t-shirt,and a joke gift.(Those are political, so I'll keep it to myself.)

  I got some sweets from Ken's sister Diane,including Italian Nougat,and vanilla biscuits. I got a giant box of my favourite chocolates,Russell Stover,and some Tootsie Roll hot chocolate from Ken. (The hot chocolate was sadly disappointing.)

Ken's sister Gloria gave me some insulated socks.

Emma also got me some cute socks.

A Beatles t-shirt.

And some Whittard's Cherry Bakewell Biscuits.

And she also got me this Funko Batman Bookworm figure.

The Bookworm was played by one of my favourite actors since I was 7 years old,Roddy McDowall.

The figure is a pretty good likeness.

  This is a small figure. You may have seen my larger Batman Bookworm figure by Figures Toy Co.  HERE.
  Fuzz and his girlfriend Shanna got me this nutcracker and a new sewing box with sewing goodies inside.

 There were a few other stray items. The next time we'll see the one real doll doll I got.


  1. WOW you did get some lovely presents for Christmas!
    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better now, long may that continue.
    I also got a 'political' pressie for Christmas from my son, it's loo roll...that's all I'm going to say!!! ;)
    Happy New Year!

    1. That's one of the things my friend got me!

  2. I got an eBay gift card which I spent on the pretty hard-to-find Francie fashion Waltz In Velvet.

    1. I didn't have to do that because ken bought from the stuff that was in my Ebay watching. He would never consider giving me a gift card,but I'm ok with that because I like the surprise. As you may have read, for things besides Christmas I have been known to buy things and tell Ken,'You bought me this for Easter/anniversary/birthday'!

  3. I'm testing commenting on a different browser, so if you could tell me if this goes into spam, that'd be great.

    Also, Split Enz! Haven't heard that name in a long time!

    1. No. It came in fine. As for Split Enz,I'm surprised you EVER heard of them! Not a well known band here!


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