Sunday, December 31, 2017

Doll-A-Day 2017 #365:Shrunken Sunday:Littlest Pet Shop Blythe

  This is our last doll of the year, and the very last Doll-A-Day for a while at least! I suppose I should have been prepared with an extra special doll,but with Christmas,my back trouble,my friend's heart troubles, and some of my own,plus everything else that's been going on, I didn't even think  of that! I hope nobody is disappointed!
   She should have been yesterday's doll,and part of the Shrunken Saturday posts. She's just going to have to be a Shrunken Sunday instead.

She's a Littlest Pet Shop Blythe.

She's a fitting one for me to have because she's 'Fabulously Vintage',and so
 are most things I like.

She's dressed for a party,so I guess it's a New year's Party

She's only 4" tall.

Blythe originally appeared in the 60's, as much larger dolls,(They can wear Skipper sized clothes.)

While this little girl has plain  inset eyes, the original Blythe dolls had large eyes that could change colour by spinning to a different eye side with the pull of a string located on their backs.

Those Blythes are super collectible (and expensive!) these days,as are the more recent remakes. I'll stick with this girl!

As with the full size Blythe dolls, this kid has one big head!

It makes her top heavy. She couldn't stand on those tiny little feet with that head, even if she had her missing shoes!

Once again I'm using my really cool "Matrix" staircase. I love this thing!

 I originally intended this post for the day Ken and I went to Tiffin for Ken to see his all time favourite, Olivia Newton John,in concert.(We only got one ticket because A: I wanted him to have the best seat possible,which meant that, at almost $100,we couldn't get two like that! and B: She has never been my thing at all, so it would have been wasted on me anyway, and he might as well get the most out of it.) As it happened, we went into a collectibles shop, and they had this very doll,in her box no less.

   So, this marks the end of this year's Doll-A-Day. I'll still be around, and plan to do a Doll-of-the-Week. You just won't see me every day...unless I decide to do this again sometime!


  1. Thank you! I have enjoyed all of the posts and pictures. I collect with a limited budget and seeing the dolls in your collection is very inspiring.

  2. Well done! I have enjoyed your posts very much!! Look forward to checking in with your blog in this new year.

    1. Thank you. I'll be around. I'm trying to decide on a day of the week to do a weekly post.

  3. I'm a budget collector too. There are ways to do it. I'd like to see what you collect.

  4. Ooh I think I found a new favorite blog! We've got so much in common, I'm a doll collector specializing primarily in Barbie-type fashion dolls from the '50s through the '80s, and I've been a vegetarian for almost three years now.

    1. Great! Welcome! I hope you'll stick with me! I'm celebrating 30 years meatless in March. It's easier the longer you go.Seriously, I couldn't even think about eating meat now. I raised three veg kids who have stuck to it too. Still working on the husband though. That's a lost cause!

  5. I once found a Takara Blythe from I'm guessing the early 2000s at Goodwill!


Thanks in advance for your comments.