Friday, September 14, 2018

Flash Sales at A Girl For All Time and Lottie Dolls,and Contest at Tonner Dolls

  Just a quick post. This seems to be flash sale weekend. Several doll sites are having flash sales. One is A Girl For All Time. (You may have seen my A Girl For All Time Clementine doll HERE.) You can check out their flash sale HERE. It includes a free Ginsberg Cat when you buy Sam's bundle,which is also on sale. Put Ginsberg and Sam's bundle in your cart and use the code FREECAT at checkout.

 The bundle is as follows:

Sam, Your 1960s Girl™
Sam's Parisienne Playsuit with Handbag
Sam's GoGo Boots
Sam's New York Cape and Skirt
Sam's Orange Jumper and White Tights

   The A Girl For All Time flash sale ends at midnight on Septemeber 19th,2018.

   I recently talked about Lottie dolls' really cool playsets,especially the treehouse.

Several people commented on how much they loved the treehouse,as do I. Well now's the time to jump on that treehouse playset,because not only is it on sale,but you get a free Birthday Girl Lottie doll when you buy it. You can get the treehouse cheaper elsewhere,but the addition of the free doll makes up for the price difference, plus some.

  That would make a great birthday gift.Too bad Ivy is 'too old for dolls' now! Her birthday is coming up. Anyway,you can see that offer HERE. The offer ends on Sunday,September 16th,2018.

Tonner is giving away a redressed and retressed Scarlett O'Hara doll to one lucky buyer who purchases Scarlett in her Barbecue dress before midnight on September 17th,2018.
Barbecue Scarlett is a limited edition of 300,and is on sale for $175. Your purchase enters you to win your choice of one of these redone Scarletts:

  The red one is my favourite. You can find out all the details HERE.
  Ken  and I are off on a short excursion in a day or so to celebrate our 29th anniversary See you when I get back.


  1. Tam, have a wonderful holiday with your husband. My husband is imaginary and he never takes me anywhere (chuckle).
    Thanks for the information on sales. My Doll Club just purchased A Girl For All Time doll to use as a raffle prize for our luncheon next year.
    The American Girl people opened an outlet store not too far from me. I haven't been there yet but I hope to go soon. I have been waiting for the crowds to go down.

    1. Thank you. We actually got around to booking a room ahead of time this time,and it looks like it will be beautiful.
      The advantage to an imaginary husband is that he'll take you anywhere YOU want to go!
      An American Girl outlet store should be interesting.Maybe they will actually have something affordable! I don't collect American Girl, but they do have a few things I wouldn't mind having,like the new mini Kit and if I were kid I'd love those playsets! (Who am I kidding? I AM a kid, and I DO love them!)

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