Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doll-A-Day 51: 'Piggy' Chatty Cathy

Today's doll is really two:These are my 'Piggy' Chatty Cathy dolls, so called because they have double ponytails. (I always thought pigtails were supposed to be braided, but that's what this type of Chatty is known as.)
Unfortunately they both have one paled out leg!

The one with the dark hair came in a lot I got online a couple of years ago, along with a couple of Chatty Babies.
Apparently Chatty Cathy's designer sculpted her to look like his daughter.

The red haired one I got at Goodwill for $3 a couple of months ago.
This girl's lips have paled out and I'm debating using some removeable colour on them. Her teeth stick out more than the dark haired girl's, giving her a more buck toothed look.

Both have the double ponytails that make them  'piggys'.You can tell they are true Piggys and not just long haired dolls with their hair pulled into ponytail from the rooted part in the back.
As you can see, they are both missing their string.

The dark haired one isn't strictly brunette. She really has a great combination of dark brown and red hair.

When I got her she had a very dirty, greasy face and her hair was a mess. She cleaned up quite well though. She looks pretty nice.

They both have decal eyes. They also both need their bangs recurled! For some reason their bangs insist on parting in the middle.
The dark haired girl's dress is an original Chatty Cathy dress,with eyelet over blouse and eyelet trimmed half slip. I got it in a huge yard sale haul of Barbie and Thumbelina and Chatty stuff last summer. (The post was last August 5th, and called Fantastic Finds of the Week.)

The red haired girl is wearing a Chatty Cathy dress called Nursery School. I  got it in an auction lot. When I only had this dress and the dark haired girl I was going to put it on her, but I think the red head looks better in Nursery School. The dark haired girl looks better in the blue and white too. 
Both are 'hard face' dolls, and have the same speaker grill.
This is the number 5 body.

They have different right hands though.The red haired girl has the earlier version.

As you can see, as usual my dolls are short on shoes. I do have one blue shoe I got in an auction lot! My friend Connie is looking through her stuff to see if she has any.

Tomorrow we'll finish up Chatty week with Singing Chatty and a size comparison.(I know I said that yesterday, but I got confused, ok? I was thinking today was Friday.)

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