Monday, December 16, 2013

Monster High and Lalaoopsy Clones on sale now

  Just a note to tell those who like Monster High and Lalaoopsy dolls that Family Dollar and Dollar General stores have some knock offs you might want to check out.Family Dollar had Lalaoopsy wanna be's called Little Dizzy Doo. They have button eyes and molded hair, and come in the large and tiny sizes the real ones come in. They aren't as well made as the real thing.They are cute, and if I had never seen the real Lalaoopsy dolls I might have found the Dizzy Doo dolls even cuter than I did.There's also a playset for the small Dizzy Doos. The Monster High knock offs were called Gothic Girl (Dollar General),and Midnight Madness (Family Dollar). (Sounds like a sale.) The Midnight Madness probably came closer to the real thing, with similar hands and jointed arms. The legs were solid though. I think the clothes were probably better made and of better quality fabric than the Gothic Girls, but the designs of the Gothic Girls clothes were better. Gothic Girls weren't jointed anywhere but the neck, shoulders, and hips.I think the faces on the Gothic Girls were better though. So if you could roll Gothic Girls and Midnight Madness together you might have one fairly decent rip off. I didn't have even a phone with me, so no pictures. Sorry. You can actually get results if you Google Dizzy Doo dolls, but I couldn't find anything on the other two.
  By the way, don't be fooled by the store names. They sell things at every price point. It's just that most of it isn't worth more than a dollar.(Although I doubt that's what they had in mind when they named the stores!)
  I thought I'd mention these since some people like to collect clones of their favourites too.I hope you are all getting your holiday shopping done. As for me, I am amazingly close to being finished now. Unfortunately, it's the hardest people on my list that I have left!

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