Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Ok. Now it's getting weird...

  Not that it wasn't weird before. If you read this blog you'll remember a couple of posts back I found 52 Ideal dolls(mostly Crissy and Velvet) at Goodwill on Sunday. Well, today Ken mentioned that I hadn't been to Salvation Army for a while, so while I was at that side of town Christmas shopping I stopped in. The first indication I had that history was about to repeat itself was a lone Crissy sitting behind the counter on the 'Hey these things are valuable shelf'. I looked around the store and went back to the shelf next to the toy aisle that contains the 'Hey, these toys might be a bit valuable too' stuff. I then had a flashback to Sunday: the shelves were full of Crissy and Velvet dolls! I counted them:42!! There was a lady picking one out. She ended up with two Crissy dolls actually. I showed her how the grow hair feature works on the first one ad she decided to get another one. These dolls were mostly in very nice condition, much better than the Goodwill dolls. Some of these dolls even had shoes, although they were also wearing those homemade dresses, from the same pattern as the Goodwill dolls.There was a curly haired Crissy and a Country Crissy, but these dolls had a slightly higher percentage of non-Crissy and Velvet dolls. I saw at least 2 Harmony dolls, (They were blonde ones.Did they make a blonde Harmony?), and three Mias.Two of the Mias were really nice, so guess who came home with me!

  They were priced at $2.99, but today is half off day, so $1.50!

Unfortunately when I got home I found that I had lost one of Flowered Mia's mint condition blue shoes. While I was wrapping the Christmas presents I had bought for Ken while I was out, he called Salvation Army to see if they had found a stray blue doll shoe. And they had! They were actually holding it at the register, so I have to go back tomorrow and get it.

Flowered Mia needs her bangs to lay down, but her growing hair was braided and is beautifully silky.
  I also found a BFC Ink Addison and a 70's or 80's Ginny, who I am probably going to steal the clothes off for a World daughter.

   I'm pretty sure they'll fit. I know Madeline clothes fit Stacies, and they're a pretty similar size. Which reminds me. I still need to hunt down those two Madeline outfits I have been debating on keeping or selling. That velvet dress would be great on Jo for Christmas.
  And before I leave I have to show you something. I found these at Family Dollar the other night.

These are the perfect 1/6 scale chocolate Santas! I wish they had had these when the kids were little!

Here's Santa next to an AAA battery for size comparison.

There were bunnies out at Easter, and although everybody is too old for doll Easter baskets now, I had to pull the doll's baskets out just so I could give out the tiny chocolate bunnies! Well, I guess we know what all the dolls are getting in their Christmas stockings this year! (Don't read this Emma!)

Here's a nice close-up so you can see how detailed the little guy is.This is way bigger than life size.

And another bonus is, they're Russell Stover candies, so they taste great too!
  Have to go now. If I really get my act together there'll be a Worlds Christmas story soon.


  1. The "Don't read this Emma" thing only works when you put it before the text :|
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