Sunday, December 15, 2013


 I saw one of the weirdest sights I've ever seen in a thrift store this morning at our local Goodwill. I stopped in to check out what they had since I was in the shopping center anyway, dropping Ken off at work. I almost always check first up front, where they keep the dolls they think are worth something. This time I almost forgot to check there, and when I turned around to do so I was met with this:

  They are almost all Ideal dolls. Nearly all of them are Crissy and Velvet, and there was one Mia

and a Harmony.

And I think this is Magic Hair Crissy. Whoever she is, she's missing her growing hair.

 It was bizarre! I counted them. There were 52 in all!!

They were all priced at $2.50. Some of them were nice, but a lot of them had had haircuts or had marker on their faces, or just were generally messed up.

Kind of makes you wonder. If they had belonged to a collector, you would think they would have had nicer dolls. If not a collector, then why SO MANY? Maybe they had had or wanted those dolls as a kid and made it their mission in life to rescue all the ones they came across and give them a home!
   Mia had had a massive haircut or I would have bought her. I like Mia, and I have Crissy and a couple of different Velvets. Harmony didn't look too healthy either. They were almost all the original Crissy dolls, but I did spot one later Country Crissy, from when they started using Velvet's face for her. There was a Miss Revlon wanna be who was wearing that Crissy's dress. Other than that I think they were all wearing homemade dresses, which seemed to all have been made from the same pattern. One of the people who work in the store said the dolls had been there since at least Monday, and another person said there was a lady who came in and bought about 5 of them, but that's all she knew of that had been sold.
  I got a bit excited because I thought, if they have all these, what other older dolls might they have in the toy section? So I headed to the back, where I found this Little Sophisticates doll.

I still have the one I bought as a kid. I thought they were beautiful when I was little, and I still think they're cute.
  I also found this American Girl Addy. She was wearing Samantha's tea party dress.

 The dress is missing the collar and needs a cleaning, but I needed a dress for the Samantha I was keeping, as she didn't have any clothes of her own. What are the odds I would find an American Girl in the wrong dress, and it would be one I needed? Anyway, Addy will need some clean up and rehab, but she's in pretty nice condition, and she's Pleasant Company. She'll be finding a new home, as one American Girl is enough for me. (Although I would have preferred Emily or Saige to Samantha.)
  With Christmas fast approaching I have been working my...fingers to the bone. I have most of my shopping done. Most of that was accomplished in ONE DAY on our trip to the Big City to visit my Dad in the nursing home. I figured that would be our only trip out of town before Christmas except for visiting Dad on Christmas eve. That's not going to be much of an opportunity to shop though. And while I'm here, right now Big Lots has all Barbie dolls or playsets 'buy one get one half off'.
  I have also been plowing through with the Ebay. At the moment we can't move for packed auction items, but it was nice to see a stack of them go out the door to the post office the other day.I know I have a house under here somewhere.

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