Saturday, May 23, 2015

Blogaversary Giveaway! Something for Everyone! (In scale that is. You don't all get a prize. Sorry...)

  UPDATE: I forgot to mention when the giveaway ends! All the build up, trying to decide what to give away, and I was so caught up in that I forgot to say that entries will be accepted until midnight Eastern Standard (United States) time on 2 June, 2015. That's 10 days. The winner will be announced on Thursday, 4 June, since we will be away an the 3rd, celebrating Emma's birthday with her. Don't forget, to enter you have to be a follower that shows up in the side bar. Good luck everybody!
  AND ANOTHER UPDATE! It occurred to me that I also forgot to let you know how the winner would be chosen! (I blame all this distraction on the merciless headaches I've had for a week now---I think I have a bad tooth---and the fact that the one year anniversary of my Dad's death was yesterday.) All entrants names will be printed on pieces of paper and placed in a box. The winner will be drawn from the box and will be announced June 4th, as stated above. There. That should be everything now! 
  So, here we are. It's Saturday, and that means it's the start of the Planet of the Dolls Second Blogaversary Give Away! Last year there wasn't much of a showing from you people. We only had one entry. But this year I have faith that you are ALL going to enter! I am doing the same thing I did last year: offering you your choice of prizes in three different scales. The winner will choose the prize from the scale of their choice. I figured this was the best way to go, since you readers, like me, have dolls of various scales. Winner may choose only one scale.
  So! Here are the choices for this year's prize. For 1/12, and possibly 1/6 scale, are these room decorating items. Included is this wall paper...


...and this rug.

You get three 12" by 10" sheets of the paper, and the rug. (And be kind about the rug: I made it.) That should be enough paper for a 1/6 scale room, should you choose to use it for that,or more than enough for a 1/12 scale dollhouse room. The design on this paper is small enough that you might even use it for a smaller scale.
  For 1/6 scale, these goodies:
  One outdoor style trash can,with opening lid and rolling wheels, and one desk lamp that really lights.

These are the actual prizes you will be sent. The trash can is a burnt orange colour, and the lamp is black.
You might have seen both of these on the blog when I came across them.
8" Tammy World and  J Doll La Marche show you the scale. The prize is one lamp and the one orange trash can in the first picture.

The arm of the lamp is really adjustable.
And Tammy and her dad Wally, a 12" Prince Charming, show you the size of the trash cans.

  For use with 14" to 18" dolls, like Hearts for Hearts, American Girl, and other larger size dolls there is this laundry basket, and, for when your doll works up an appetite doing the laundry, these two sandwiches and chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Samantha is just showing you the prizes. She is not included.

The sandwiches are made of felt, with painted and stitched details.

Both sandwiches have a removeable slice of cheese, slice of tomato, and piece of lettuce. And as with the rug, be nice: I made them.
  All items are brand new. I would not suggest them for children who are young enough that they still put things in their mouths.
  Now, how do you enter the contest? The contest is open to anyone, anywhere. The only stipulation is that you are a follower who shows up in the side bar. So if you're already there, great! Feel free to enter, stating your prize choice, by leaving a comment on this post. If you aren't a follower yet, or of you're following in such a way that you don't show up in the side bar,just remedy that situation and then enter and leave your prize choice in the comment section on this post.
  If we get more entrants this year, next year the prizes will be bigger. I may even do a Christmas giveaway if this one does well! Good luck everybody! Let's hope lots of you enter this time!


  1. Cool giveaway! I select the 1/6 scale trash can & desk lamp for my prize choice.

    1. Thanks! Your entry is noted. And thanks for becoming a follower.

  2. I enter 1/12. This wallpaper is so beautiful. The rug would fit my Kelly dolls bedroom :)
    Thanks for making a giveaway:)

    1. Thanks for entering! It may be a little hard to tell in my photos, but the wallpaper and rug colours actually match, so you could use them together.

  3. As I said it's so generous of you to host a giveaway. I would love to enter :). If I win I would choose the 1/12 scale - love the wallpaper, it's so pretty.

    1. Duly noted. They would both be in scale for your Sylvanian Families too!

  4. It's really geerous of you to do this. As a 1/6th collector I choose the lamp and bin lol.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your interest in the contest! The wallpaper is part of a separate prize from the laundry basket and food, so you'll need to choose one prize. Also, I'm not seeing you amongst my followers. You'll need to be a follower that shows up in my side bar to enter. You should just be able to do that by clicking 'follow'.

  6. Great giveaway :) I would choose the desk lamp and trash can


Thanks in advance for your comments.