Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Quite a Yard Sale Haul: Tammy, Bears, a Troll, and a bunch of old stuff

  Yard sale season has really taken off in the last couple of weeks.It has been a very cold, rainy spring, but now  the weather has warmed up and the sales are coming out of the wood work. This past Friday and Saturday I made quite a haul.
All the stuff spread out behind the car was in two bags that were 'fill a bag for $2'!
In one of the bags I managed to fit all these doll clothes and this doll sleeping bag. The clothes include Build a Bear, Battat, handmade vintage clothes,some unknowns, and the plaid Bitty Baby pants near the bottom right. The pink dress under them fits my American Girl perfectly, but there's no makers label in it. Anybody know?

A mini bear, some Breyer horse stuff, one celluloid and one plastic deer some vintage drinking glasses and hankies.

On the right, 2 unopened rolls of cross stitch fabric.And next to that a pin cushion rocking chair.

Better shot of some of that stuff.
 A pop up version of "A Christmas Carol", a little vinyl Cabbage Patch doll, a couple of beautiful old Johnson Brothers coffee mugs, and a piano that might still play music.(I haven't put batteries in yet. If it works, the keys move too.)

I love the piano and these glasses.But...

Why would you need a puppet theatre in your piano? Anybody know anything about this piano?

Vintage scarves and hankies, and an old Simplicity pattern for a cool cape.
A doll sized cloth parasol that opens and closes,a hanky still in package, and all these really old cook books,an almanac from 1934,and...

Dr. Pierce's First Aid Book.In an emergency, blame that guy on the left. He seems to be offering to punch anybody trying to approach the guy on the sidewalk, thus almost admitting his guilt! The book is really handy though. Where else could you learn to do this:

Put a tourniquet on it, especially if the blood is gushing out like water out of a faucet.Man, that's quite a hole. What happened to this guy? I don't know, but it probably involved that guy on the left.

I picked this kid up somewhere. Is this a Holly Hobbie baby, or what?

All of this stuff was in a 'fill a bag for $1' bag. I also stuffed in a bunch of squinkies and some Polly Pocket clothes and one doll.
And Tammy is showing us this lovely...What's this thing called? As far as I can find, it's called a 'ship's engine order telegraph'. It was on the bridge and connected to the engine rooms.

Like this one on the Titanic. Either Captain Smith was veeerrry short, or my telegraph is something like 1/12 scale. In any case, I love it!

I literally grabbed it when I saw it. I found it at a church sale. It was something like 50 cents.It's metal, with a wooden base. As for Tammy, she was at a different sale. She has a high colour face, perfect silky hair, and she was 50 cents!

  As was this little guy I got at the same sale. The bear was elsewhere. I paid $5 for a bag full of stuff, including him.

He's a Yoski Pet.

All this stuff was from the sale I got the bear from. The troll is flocked, and perfect. He's a Dam troll made by Dark Horse comics in 2011 I think.The duck is soft rubber.
  It was a pretty good week. I also got a load of fabric from a lady who was selling off a lot of her stuff in preparation for moving to a smaller house. I almost got a vintage Christmas elf there, but when she saw it in my pile she flipped. It was her childhood elf and she couldn't believe it had shown up. I guess she had no idea where it was and it was a total surprise. She was having a really hard time letting go of her things anyway. She kept apologizing for not wanting to sell various things I asked about,so she just kept thanking me for letting her keep the elf! I told her it was her stuff and she should keep what she wants. She should keep her elf. I couldn't have made her sell it to me. That would have been obnoxious anyway, but she was so excited to see him again! It was sweet.
  On Saturday we had loads of blooms on the pear tree.

You will have seen them in my Alice review too. Today the tree is pretty bare. I just hope there was some pollination going on before they fell. I look forward to my pears. I'm just afraid we won't have any because all I've seen in the yard is a few bumble bees.
  I went out to my friend Lori's today and collected poo to put on my garden so I can get my corn started. It's a stinky job, but hopefully it will be worth it!

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