Tuesday, September 15, 2015

...In Which I am Nominated For a Liebster Award

  First off, welcome to our newest follower, jSarie. Thanks for joining us! You can check out jSarie's blogs Revenge of the Toy Box and Project Evil Bunny, (I love this one! Simple, but funny.)
  Well, thanks to The Dorky Doll Collector for nominating me for a Liebster Award. I wasn't sure what a Liebster Award is, so I looked it up. It's supposed to be for new blogs, so I'm not sure I qualify, since I've been at this for a couple of years.But thanks Dorky! I've never been nominated for anything, so that's pretty cool.
  Apparently I'm supposed to give 11 random facts about myself. Here goes. Some of these will probably be pretty random indeed!
 1. I am actually only 5 feet tall.
 2. I'm something of a grammar Nazi.
 3. I married my first date.
 4.I'm extremely sentimental.
 5. For years I wanted to be an actress.
 6. I love old things: furniture, movies,clothes, houses. Pretty much pre-1950's.
 7. My favourite era is the 1930's.
 8. I never sewed until I had kids and had to make doll clothes and Halloween costumes. I was nearly 30!
 9. I can NOT learn to crochet, in spite of being taught several times and repeatedly watching a DVD! My brain just doesn't work that way.
 10. I am a big nerd who loves Cryptozoology, ancient Egypt, and anything that could be featured on "History's Mysteries".
 11. I once made my kids a goofy movie starring their favourite dolls. (I was the only person other than them who was allowed to do their dolls voices!).

I'm also supposed to answer these questions:

1. What is the one doll or toy related item that you dream of owning one day?
Probably an amazing dollhouse with real glass windows and a closing front to keep the cat out!
2. Anime, Yay or Nay?
Not really. Sorry: nay really...
3. Favorite candy?
Hmmm. So much candy, so little time... I love Russell Stover Roman nougat and Molasses chews. Those are probably my top favourites.
4. What would your dream job be?
Another hard one. I like writing, and wanted to be an author for years. I still write occasionally, (Other than this blog.), and it would be nice to get something published someday.These days I think being my own boss, making things, like I do, is pretty much my currant dream job. I also like my other job, which is searching out cool vintage items. I envy the guys on American Pickers! I have almost come to retirement on my real dream job though, which was raising children. It's a hard job to do well, but was something I always wanted to do, and I feel lucky that I got to do it.
5. What is your current favorite movie or TV show?
   I don't watch alot of TV these days. There isn't anything currently showing that I can't live without. I do enjoy American Pickers though, and historical documentaries. (Pretty boring, huh?)
6. What is your favorite doll or toy related item that you currently own?
   My childhood possessions have to be my favourites. If my house caught fire I'd grab birth certificates,photographs,my animals,and Pixie Brennan!
7. Have you ever cried during a movie or TV show that is mainly targeted at children?
   How much time have you got?! I cry at everything. The Muppet Movie, Dumbo, The Wizard of Oz. You name it. The Brave Little Toaster? Ahhhh!!
8. What is your favorite holiday?
   Christmas. I love buying presents and decorating.I love getting somebody something really special that you know they'll love.
9. What is your favorite season?
   Fall. I love cool weather and wind.
10. Are you calm and collected, or happy and excitable?
   Depends on the moment.
11. Is there someone that you currently look up to almost as an idol?
   Not really.
   I'm also supposed to nominate another 11 people! I don't think I know of 11 newer blogs! This thing is like the pyramid scheme of blog awards! I'll have to think about this one.


  1. I always wanted to be a wife and mom and raise kids, as well. Mine are 19 and 16, so I still have some more years to enjoy.

    What do you think of American Girl's 1930s doll, Kit? I do love those bias cut dresses (for women) from the '30s.

    I've only tried to learn to crochet once, and that was a little awkward, because my mother, and teacher, is right-handed, and I use my left. Right now, I'm kept busy with knitting. I'll probably get back to trying crochet again. Maybe I'll succeed.

    When our family took a trip to Missouri by car a few years ago, we stopped at the original American Pickers store in Iowa. It was, like so many things you see on reality television, different than it looked on TV. Mostly because it was smaller than we thought it would be.

    1. Ivy is my last one left at home. She'll be 16 soon and can't wait to get a job. Then I really will be all alone in the evenings while everybody is at work!
      I like Kit's clothes. i love the little girl dresses from back then. I used to dress my girls in those dresses with the smocking on the front and the ones with the sashes that tie in a bow in the back, like I wore as a kid. I love Kit's bed and bed spread.
      Maybe your mom could sit in front of a mirror and you could watch the mirror. Fuzz and Ivy are left handed, so I can see your predicament.

  2. Thanks for the welcome! :)

    I always enjoy reading the answers to these award/meme/tags. It's fun to have a peek at the people behind the dolls.


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