Thursday, June 25, 2015

Recent Acquisitions: Barbie's Dream Kitchen and Dinette and a Really Strange But True Tale

   UPDATE: Regular readers will know we are taking a trip to England soon, (A treat from Ken's sister.), so he will be off work without pay for two weeks. In view of this, and our shrinking space in the house, we have decided to sell the Dream Kitchen to help with the house payment that will be due not long after we get back from England. You can find it now on Ebay. I'll let you know what happens with it.I'll be sorry to see that tiny Corning Ware go, and I could have used that kitchen step ladder in my Dreamhouse! Oh well...
UPDATE TO THE UPDATE:The Dream Kitchen has sold. That will help alot. Thanks to the bidders!

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  In my post updating you on what I've been doing recently I forgot to mention that I started a Flickr account a while back. So, if you are interested in seeing some of the pictures from the blog without all the yap, check it out HERE.

  Today I'm showing you an item I found at the Hospice Garage Sale a couple of Fridays ago. It's the hard to find Barbie Dream Kitchen and Dinette.

The original catalog listing for the Dream Kitchen and Dinette.

This is the paper that originally came on the Kitchen and Dinette. The picture is borrowed and I'll be happy to remove it if asked. I wanted to give you an idea of what it looked like new and with all the pieces.

It was just sitting in the driveway and I picked it up as I came up the driveway and kept on walking.
According to some of the sources I found,The Dream Kitchen and Dinette was produced in 1964,two years after Barbie's first Dream House,and the same year as Barbie's New Dream House.
Other sources say it was produced from 1965 to 1966. From the look of it, with it's bright colours and more modern design, I would say the later date is probably more accurate.
The dining room.

 Skipper's Dream Room was also produced about the same time. Gee, these guys sure dreamed alot.
The only part of the actual structure that's missing from my Dream Kitchen is the small piece of wall to the right of the built in oven that has the fridge on it. I guess you can't have everything.In this case, no refrigeration.
There are two stools for the counter and a kitchen step ladder. I think the step ladder is my favourite piece!

All the curtains are there.

And I have all the cloth items except the tablecloth.

"You might want to put this apron on before you start those dishes."
"Thanks. Here Midge. I'll wash and you dry." There are two tea towels and an apron too.

And these three pot holders.

Two place mats and two napkins.

  These were no sew pieces you cut out yourself.
I think I also have all the furniture: kitchen table with two chairs...

  Most of the accessories seem to be here too.

The toaster really pops the toast out. The knives are real metal. I have a fork too, but the tines are broken. The cups and plate are the  same ones that were sold as part of the Barbie Go Together collection.

I also have two casserole dishes with lids...
I love these, but isn't the little one really too small for Barbie?

...and the matching coffee pot you can see way above and coming up.

...the table service for two, in blue.
There's one cooking pot you can see above and below too. I'm not sure how many originally came with the set.The green cups and telephone were also part of the Barbie Go Together line of furniture and accessories.

There's also a phone book and Barbie's cook book.

There's that coffee pot. That pink thing with holes is the open dish washer.
One of those counters where you can sit and eat or talk to the person in the kitchen.

Ok, now here's where it gets weird. Also in this kitchen/dinette were these little homemade boxes.

Some kid spent a lot of time on these. I'm wondering if they had a pattern for these, or if they were totally the kid's creation. But I digress. 'What's so weird?', you're wondering. Well, I was looking at the little boxes and I noticed there was a 'Happy Aniverseary' one.(The kid's spelling, not mine!)

Nice handwriting though. Better than mine!
Whose anniversary? (Sorry, aniverseary...) Oh, here's a box with some names on it.

Oh. Must be Barbie and Don's 'aniverseary'. Barbie and Don?! Where have I heard that before? Ahhh!!! Remember last August when I went to Salvation Army and found a Barbie's New Dreamhouse that they practically made me take home and only charged me 10 cents when I insisted on paying for it?

Well remember what I found in it?

"You are invited to our wedding tomorrow at 6:30 pm. Sincerly, Barbie and Don"

How weird is this??!! And lest you think it might not be the same kid, look at the B's and 'r's in 'Barbie' and 'Barbra' and the D in 'Don' and 'McDorm'.

The outside of the invitation.There were a couple of the old metal Barbie stands and a Skipper/Skooter stand in the Kitchen Dinette too. They must be  Barbra, Mardge and Scooter McDorm's stands!

This is so strange! I got the Dreamhouse because while I was in Salvation Army shopping somebody dropped it off and it was still outside when I came out. I happened to see it as I was putting my stuff in my van.  They were going to throw it away because it was in pieces and needed reassembled. They thought it was trash! I didn't get to the Hospice sale as soon as they opened , although I was pretty early. There were about 4 Hospice sales in that little housing development, and we went to the other three first. The Kitchen and Dinette was sitting there when I walked up and no one cared. What are the odds I would find both of these Barbie structures, belonging to the same kid, at two different places, a year apart?! Why was the Kitchen still sitting around to be donated a year after the Dreamhouse was donated to Salvation Army? Really weird! Now what I really want to know is, where are this kid's dolls?! Barbra! Mardge! Scooter! Don! Wait for me! I'm coming!


  1. Good find on the kitchen, and I love the "Corning" pieces.

    1. The Corning Ware! Yes! Those and the kitchen step ladder are the best parts.

  2. It is REALLY a dream, this dream house. I wished I would only one time be as lucky as you :) Congrats! It reminds me on 'Bewitched', must be the same time.

    1. You're right. Bewitched was 1964 to 1972, so both of these Barbie structures are right in the midst of that.


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