Friday, March 9, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me! And Jenny By Mattel

  Tomorrow is my birthday. I certainly hope I feel better than I have for the past 3 days! I am staying home and hopefully all the kids will be here. I'm having food from a local Italian restaurant brought in, and we're just going to hang around. We might play a game or something, watch a movie maybe. As long as everybody is here, that's what makes me happy.
  I know I said I was going to post a birthday wish list,but I changed my mind. I decided to forego the wish list and have Ken and I buy sparingly for each other's birthdays,instead putting the most of the money we would have spent toward a trip to England. Ken has been saving ever since we got back the last time. He really enjoyed going home again, for the first time in over 30 years,and it just made him itchy to go again. I have given up on going,because we just can't afford for both of us to go. I've been trying to make some money for the trip, but I'm never going to have enough in time. Now it looks like Ken may not to get to go either. His work place was going to do a remodel and he was going to go while they were closed and he couldn't have been working anyway. Now they are saying the remodel might not happen for 3 or 4 months, which puts it farther into the expensive season. So it may not happen anyway,and if it does, I have more time to save money. But instead, I am going to see a friend in Texas at the end of the month. I haven't seen her since we went there when Emma was about 3 years old! No offense Emma, but that was quite a while ago! (24 years this summer.) Lisa, my friend  is treating me to "An evening with John Cleese",where there will be a screening of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail", and a talk by John Cleese, along with a question and answer session. Lisa and I have both always been huge Monty Python devotees,so it's the perfect thing for us to do! She's taking the week off,so we'll have lots of time to catch up on 24 years apart.
  In the meantime,here's a doll I picked up yesterday. I had to take Ken to work so I could have the van to pick Ivy up later.She was demonstrating the clay wheel at school. So, when I dropped Ken off I stopped at Goodwill, which is in the same center.

This is Jenny, by Mattel.

Red hair and brown eyes! Yay!

She was from the series of large Kelly,(Barbie's baby sister), and friends dolls,made in the early 2000's. Ivy was obsessed with Kelly dolls when she was tiny, and she has one of the large Kellys.

She measures about 16" tall.

 I got the chair at Goodwill yesterday too.

I actually have one of these Jenny dolls,and just bought this girl for her clothes.Once I got her home and was tidying her a bit for this post,I realized she has much better bangs than mine. 

They just need to be retrained to lay down.
I'll probably upgrade and keep this one.

I'll be showing you some more Goodwill finds soon.


  1. You do find some good things at your goodwill stores! I have never found anything remotely decent when visiting charity shops in the UK! And there aren't any here, well actually there is one...and it's not very good at all!
    As for the UK trip, that is a shame, but hopefully your husband will get another opportunity at some point in the future.

    1. I have only been to a couple of charity shops in the UK, but there didn't seem to be much toy-wise.
      We're still hoping Ken will be able to go. We'll have to see.

  2. Happy birthday! I hope that you have a fun and healthy day.

    Mr. BTEG has not had a thyroid biopsy; I was just going by what I saw on the internet. Honestly, they're probably going to be as noninvasive as possible, which means just a needle. Prayers that you will get good results and get your health turned around.

    1. I like how you say 'just a needle'! You have no idea how needles freak me out!

    2. Eldest Daughter completely freaks out about needles as well. Unfortunately for her, she needs lots of blood draws due to health issues, and is very hard to get blood from on top of it. Between a needle draw and being cut open, though, I think the needle would be the better choice. If they did minor surgery, they'd want to put an IV in you anyway. Focus on the benefits. :)

    3. Oh I'm sure a needle would be better than a slice. I tend to get creeped out at even the thought of a needle, but in the end you have to just get on with it. I'm sorry about Eldest,(Is that The Dancer?). Our family has trouble with blood draws too. I have a much easier time now that I'm fat,but sometimes they still have to use the butterfly needles,and sometimes it's hard to find a good vein. My sister has,and my Dad had the same problem. My sister's veins move away when poked,and my Dad's collapsed or moved away too. When I was young and thin I had a lady who was doing a bone scan on me,shooting me up with radioactive stuff to make the bones show up,tell me, "I hope you never get hit by a truck!" (Well, me too.!)She said that because she told me my veins were "very very tiny and very very very thin walled." they're not so bad anymore. I was pretty small before I got fat.

    4. No, the Dancer is my younger daughter, who still lives at home. Eldest Daughter is the one who just got married back in October. I need to come up with a new name for her. She used to be the Musician, but she hasn't really played an instrument much since she graduated high school. I made up names for them because when I started blogging, they were both still in grade school and I didn't want to use their real names. Now that they're adults, they still want their real names kept private, so they get pseudonyms.

      Eldest was getting her blood drawn once when she heard the phlebotomist yell "Holy shit!" Turned out the pipe broke, and her blood was spurting everywhere. Losing his cool was not exactly a professional thing to do, though. :)

    5. I have a similar story. When I was having Emma the nurses were putting an IV in my hand. Suddenly they were saying, "Oh...oh...oh." and sort of freaking. I said,"What is it?" Ken stepped over to that side of the bed and got a weird look on his face. They all told me it was nothing. After I had given birth and was getting out of the bed to go to my regular room I saw that there was blood all down the sheets down the side of the birthing bed, and all over the floor. They had done something wrong trying to get the IV in and blood had gone everywhere.
      I give my sister and my niece pseudonyms because I figured they'd prefer it. The immediate family go by their own names.

  3. Hope that you har a nice birthday! 😊


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