Friday, March 30, 2018

Happy Easter!

  An early Happy Easter to all of you who celebrate it.

It was still chilly today, but the rain has stopped and my flowers are coming up.

The mystery flower that turned out to be a Japanese Lily or something. I separated the bulb last year and replanted them on our bunny Jerome's grave. This year about six have come up.

The daffodils in the side yard are proliferating.

And the daffodils at the side  of the house are going crazy.

 And the dogwood tree is starting to bud.

Tammy World and I are setting off for Texas tomorrow.


We'll be back soon.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. I haven't looked since I got home late last night to see if anything has bloomed,but it did snow again while I was gone!

  2. Looks like spring has finally sprung in your part of the world :)
    Have a great Easter and a wonderful trip to Texas visiting your friend.
    Hugs xx

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    2. Thank you. It sprang, but then it sprang back and snowed while I was gone! It was nearly at freezing temperature when I got home.

  3. Happy Easter! Hope you and Tammy World have fun in Texas.


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