Tuesday, May 15, 2018

May Showers, Fading Flowers,and Some More Photos

  I hope all the mom's out there had a nice day Sunday. I spent the day with my girls. When Ken got home from work we all went out to eat. We spent the rest of the night at Emma's,since we had to take her to the airport at 4AM.
  We have had a lot of rainy weather lately. My beautiful dogwood tree,(I think that's what it is.), bloomed,and lost all it's petals. 

My lilacs,which I love to smell,bloomed,and are now almost all finished. 

All the pink stuff on the ground is dogwood petals.

The bushes with the tiny white flowers,which I used for my Mother's Day post,have bloomed.

It had been raining,so I couldn't mow, and in the meantime my neatly trimmed grass started getting out of hand.

Here are some outtakes from the Mother' Day shoot.

 I have one bloomed iris and one bloomed amaryllis. All this has happened without my getting to enjoy it very much,because it has been raining so much I haven't been out in my yard very often. I haven't been able to hang laundry,work in the yard, mow, or sit out on the patio while Ken grills,(I don't grill, because 1,vegetarian meat doesn't grill well, since it doesn't make it's own grease like real meat, so it sticks. I'm sure there's a way to do it,and you can grill vegetables, but 2,I don't like smokey tasting food anyway. ),or sit in the yard on my bench. So while I have been in here the flowers have all started to go away. The dogwood tree is naked again,and the lilacs are almost gone. Luckily I brought some inside so I could enjoy them in the house. Even more lucky, they aren't toxic, because the first thing our cat Mow wanted to do when I brought them in was start eating them.
  When we get some nice weather I can get outside and take some photographs. Tomorrow is my thyroid nodule biopsy. I'm not looking forward to the big needle in my throat!


  1. Your garden is wonderful!

    I wisg you strenght for this biobsy!

    1. Well thank you. I like it a bit wild, so most people think it's overgrown. Fingers crossed on the biopsy. I'll let everybody know the results.

  2. You have a lovely garden there, such a lot of flowers and colour.
    The out takes are great.


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