Monday, May 7, 2018

Peddling Pepper

  A little while back I showed you my newest bicycle. It was being presented by Tammy World, but she couldn't pose very well on the bike. Well recently I found someone who looks perfect on the bike.

Ideal's Pepper is the perfect size for the bike.

To be specific, this is Pos'n Pepper.

She has wired arms and legs,making her bendy,so she's able to put her feet on the pedals, and her hands on the handlebars.

See? She looks perfect!  

Pepper's real flower is from the non edible strawberries that grow like crazy all over my yard.

This also gave me the opportunity to use my wire fence again,(You may have seen it in my post on vintage Ricky.),and this great mini trash can I got in Canada last September when we took an anniversary trip.

This is Pos'n Pepper's original dress.

It coordinates with the original outfit of Pos'n Salty,Pepper's friend.

You can see Pos'n Salty in my post HERE.

Pos'n Pepper's sister, Pos'n Tammy can be seen in THIS POST.

These pictures were taken a couple of days ago. I wanted sunny weather and waited all day for it. Finally the sun came out. I rushed outside with my stuff,only to realize that I had forgotten my fence! In the couple of minutes it took to get the fence,the sun was again covered by clouds! So I had to settle for these cloudy shots.

Pos'n Pepper is a lot easier to pose than Penny Brite,although they both have wired rubber limbs Pepper's are much softer. Penny Brite's are so hard that even though I've had a Penny since I was a tiny kid,I didn't realize she had posable arms until a couple of years ago!

That grass was freshly mowed when these were taken. We have a few days of rain, and now my mowing is behind again! I'll be back behind the mower tomorrow.

You have actually seen this Pepper before. She posed as an ice skater back in the winter.

You can see those pictures HERE.

And you can see regular Pepper,who doesn't have bendy limbs, HERE.

See you in a couple of days for another doll.


  1. This is an adorable post. Where do you find those cute little props? That trash can is particularly interesting.

    1. I find props here,there,and everywhere. The trash can came from a dollar type store where the stuff actually cost more than a dollar,(Like our Dollar General or Family Dollar.),in Canada. The little flap actually has a spring and works.

    2. Love your post, as always.

      Looking forward to the Harry Potter Post. What size will they be?

      Does Tammy World have a posable body?

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  2. Your pictures turned out great! So speaking of Tammy World and poseable bodies, I saw that Mattel is making another round of Harry Potter dolls, including child Hermione and Ginny dolls, who look like they have bending elbows and knees. They're also making a doll of one of the female teachers, and she looks like she'll have a super pale MTM body. Hopefully I can sell off all the school outfits, because goodness knows how many of the bodies I might want, if they are a good fit for the When I Read I Dream girls.

    1. I checked those new Harry Potter dolls out online. I have lots of opinions,so maybe I'll just put it all in a post. I'm looking forward to them though. Thanks.

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  3. You make such lovely pictures, the doll is beautiful,very nice,
    but the props and the camera angle make this pics!!

    1. Well thank you very much!My knees paid the price for those camera angles,so it's good to know they were appreciated.

  4. oh, they are appreciated, and they inspire me to try to make some nice pictures myself.
    ( even though my knees will pay for it as well)

    1. I'm flattered. Get some knee pads and go for it!

  5. Great! I love these photos, she's a natural on this bike :) It's just perfect for her!


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