Thursday, May 3, 2018

What Do You Mean You Didn't Notice I Was Gone?!

  I have been away for a while. My computer wire wore through and I had to get a new one. So while I was waiting for a new one to arrive I busied myself with other things. I hung out a lot of laundry,mowed the yard again, washed up some second hand things,(Including some things you'll be seeing soon.),worked in the yard a bit,sorted through a bunch of things, cleaned off my desk, and my record player,(Which I am back to using due to my CD player refusing to open when asked. Unfortunately, the crappy modern record player doesn't work well either.),sorted through more things,(I have a lot of things.),and photographed some dolls for future use. I photographed today's doll one sunny day. So, in honour of National Sun Day today,(Which I learned about via Emma's radio show tonight,which celebrated with a 'sun' theme.),here she is.

She's a Living Skipper. You might have seen a little of her in my post on a different doll HERE.

In fact.she's just about my favourite of my Living Skipper dolls.

I got her in a lot on Ebay. When I got her she was just a head. 

She also had part of one eye missing..

Her skin tone was so beautiful that she was worth saving. I repainted her eye.

I have rebodied her a couple of times at least. Her currant body is in pretty good shape.

Her knees bend pretty well,as do her elbows.

There is still damage though.

She really deserves a good body because her head is so nice.

So I'm still looking to upgrade her body again.

As you can see, the flowers on my ground cover vines are blooming like crazy.

Her dress could use an upgrade too, but I think I can repair it. It's the dress from the 1970 Skipper fashion Pink Princess.

The dress also has a green coat with pink velvet trim,and a pink 'fur' hat.

Happy Sun Day!

  See you soon.


  1. What a pretty one she is! Have you tried an Azone body on this little gal? If you never do find a perfect Living body Azone might be a good alternative...if the neck pieces will fit!

    1. Living Skippers are plentiful enough,so I should be able to find another for her. I have been wondering about an Azone body for Tammy World though. She has the Stacie body from the 90's. How do you think that would work? I don't want to make her any taller.

    2. I, too, have been thinking about finding a way to re-body some of my Stacie type dolls, including one who looks very much like Tammy World. It's hard to find a lot of information about Azone and Obitsu bodies. Maybe someone should do a review about that. ;)

      I'm not into vintage Barbie, but this young lady is a gem for a collection as well as your previous Skipper. You did a marvelous job on the repaint.

    3. I have 'talked' to somebody else about Obitsu bodies. I think it would make her a bit taller.If that doesn't bother you, they are proportionate to the head.

    4. Tammy World is one of the When I read I dream dolls? Got some Azone dolls at Christmas, if I get a chance this week I'll dig out my When I read Heidi and some Stacies, see how they compare and write a little something. Although I'm pretty sure they'll only be a good match with the smallest Azones.

    5. Yes. She's Fern. Let me know when you do your comparison.The When I Read I Dream dolls are very fair,compared to the pinker Stacies,but the Azone bodies are pale too, aren't they?

    6. Tam, I have three Fern dolls and also, I think, multiple Jo dolls, so it wouldn't matter if one became slightly taller. Skin tone and head compatibility are issues, but I also wonder about poseability. I recall hearing about one type of doll where the arm, say, had to be taken out and put back in, to have a different position, instead of just bending.

      I'm also confused because I think one of the body types has an "old" and a "new" version; I believe Rachael touched on this in one of her posts. I need an "Obitsu and Azone Bodies for Dummies" book. XD

    7. I think I need that book too! There is somebody I follow on Flickr who has put some Finger Ding heads on Obitsu bodies,and another who has put the Fern heads on VIP bodies. The skin tones are pale and seem to be about the same as the heads. I switched a Jo head to one of the Mattel Hermione bodies with jointed ankles,knees, and elbows. It's basically the same body as Gymnast Stacie, but the skin tone matches the When I Read girls.

    8. Just letting you know I did a bit of a rushed blog post on the Azone bodies. Good news is I think the when I read dolls would be a good fit and either skin tone wouldn't look terrible. Bad news (for Tam) is that even the Extra Small body would make Tammy World almost an inch taller. Comparison of Heidi and an Extra Small is right at the bottom.

  2. She looks very nice and her face is, indeed, very pretty. I hope you're able to find a better body for her soon, but in the meantime this one seems to look great with the head and the pink dress. :)


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