Thursday, October 15, 2020

The passing of Dianna Effner

   I just found out today that Dianna Effner died yesterday. You may have read here many times how Dianna Effner is my favourite doll artist. I have posted about many Effner dolls. I love their sweet, cute, realistic faces.

                        My latest Effner doll is this wonderful gift from Dorothy in PA, a Little Darling.

I am sad,but I can't tell you anything about her. I can't find any information, not even how old she was. Oddly, I can't even find her death on the internet. I only found out because some of the doll groups I belong to on Facebook mentioned that she passed away.

                                                  Effner's Mary Had a Little Lamb by Maru and Friends

  Taking a look at Dianna Effner's creations is a nice way to pay tribute to her. She was a very talented artist. She created dolls that were so sweet looking,sometimes even sad. But she could also sculpt a silly faced doll that looked like a real child who could be quite a handful.

                                                     Her cute and quirky Goldielocks is by Ashton Drake.

                                                 Jamie by Maru and Friends looks like a beautiful real child.

                                            Willow has bags under her eyes,but I love her face.

                                                    Noah, by Maru and Friends,  is a freckle faced boy.

                                    Effner's Coy an adorable brown eyed redhead,is the first 20" boy in the Maru and                                      Friends line. 
                            Ashton Drake made Effner's porcelain Little Red Riding Hood... well as her porcelain Goldilocks, in the bottom left corner, and her porcelain Willow, in the upper right corner.

                                        Beautiful Maru herself is also an Effner sculpt. 

Little Chad, the first Maru and Friends boy is an Effner sculpt too.

Ashton Drake's Alice was sculpted by Dianna Effner, combining two of my favourite things: Alice in Wonderland, and Dianna Effner dolls.
  I actually have two long awaited Effner dolls coming in the mail in the next few days, as well as the new Effner sculpted dolls from Maru and Friends. I wonder what Maru and Friends dolls will look like in the future. All but one have been sculpted by Dianna Effner. How sad that such a talented person, who gave the world such beautiful creations, has left us.


  1. It is very sad. She was a great talent. She will be missed.

  2. It's a huge loss, for her loved ones and also for the doll community. She was so talented, made amazing dolls, she will be missed.

  3. It is always sad to hear about someone's passing. Her legacy will live on in her dolls.

  4. Hers were the dolls I always regretted "not buying" when I could , loosing auctions on or even donating even to a good cause. Trying to replace Red riding hood,as well as Goldilocks and Mary contrary. I also loved "Girl with a curl". Truly a gifted artist I would love to believe my sister who used to make "fancy" dolls too, might bump into this blessed artist in heaven.

    1. Fortunately those dolls are still out there,and will still be enjoyed for many years. One day you can treat yourself to one of her dolls.


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