Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Diet Week Five: Trying to Maintain and Ken's Birthday

  To begin with I keep forgetting to welcome our two newest followers. I did notice you were there guys! Welcome to Anderson's All Purpose from Mrs. Anderson's All Purpose Blog and RagingMoon1987 of Confessions of a Dolly Lover . Both blogs might interest you so check them out.
  Last week was supposed to be Week 5 of my diet, but I eased on  it a bit, but tried to maintain my weight where it was. It still went up and down just a little all week.
  I started this week about where I was in last week's report.Yesterday was Ken's birthday, which means, (To Ken, that is.), Eating with a capital E. He would eat out for all three meals on his birthday. Fortunately he only went for lunch and dinner this year. He chose Mexican for lunch, but I was fairly good. Since I knew there was no way I could fit in two big meals even on the best of days, I sat out the full lunch and just ate some chips and salsa and a few bites of spinach dip, and I drank water.
  For dinner Ken decided on a steak place. Well, as readers will know, the kids and I don't eat meat. His birthday is the one day of the year that Ken allows himself to be selfish and go somewhere that has minimal food choices for us. That's ok with us. It's his day. We usually manage a meal of appetizers, and sometimes salad. (Except for Ivy, who won't eat salad.) Ken went all out, eating Oysters Rockefeller, steak,(Usually he tried to get Prime Rib, but this place didn't do it.), and a lobster tail. Ivy and I had macaroni and cheese, and Emma and I split a salad with spinach,strawberries, and goat cheese. Once again I confirmed that I do not like vinaigrette dressing. The girls and I also split mushrooms in a cream sauce served on sourdough bread. That was really good, other than the vinaigrette, which thankfully was mostly around the edges. Everybody but Ivy shared some asparagus with Hollandaise sauce. I had about three bites of Ken's free birthday cheesecake, but my biggest downfall was the almond and chocolate lace cookies we got at World Market before we went out to eat! Those things were calling my name, and I answered!
  We had birthday cake when we got home...very thin wedges! It was a chocolate sour cream cake I made the day before. The icing was orange, but not nearly orange enough. I used orange essence, orange zest and some fresh squeezed orange juice. I have made chocolate cake with orange icing before, and I must have used orange flavouring instead of essence because the orange flavour was a lot stronger.(If you read my post about the book "Miss Osborne the Mop" you'll know there is a chocolate cake with orange icing and walnuts in that book that has influenced my life!)
  So this week I am going to try to be VERY good and get myself back on track. Before you know it it will be my birthday!

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