Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Diet? What diet? House Renovations, and Why I Think I Like Salvation Army More Than Goodwill Now

  I confess to having been really bad the last couple of weeks. Between Ken's birthday and Ken wanting to eat out for Valentine's Day, plus he bought me candy, it has been really hard. When I do my diet it has to be all or nothing: no giving in here and there. Ken can't understand that. (Mind you, it's all about food to him, so he can't understand how I can do the diet at all.) For some reason I am also having a really hard time sticking to my diet this time anyway. It didn't help that the battery is going out in my scale, so the numbers have been all over the place, even at the same weigh in! That's why I wanted a plain old scale, one with no electricity involved. Do you know how hard it is to find an affordable scale like that?! You practically have to buy one of those scales like doctors have---and most of them have electric scales now too! And of course, Ken, who loves gadgetry of all kinds, liked the electronic scale. Now he's realizing I had a point when I complained that the scale would continue to cost us because we'd have to keep buying batteries for it! I checked batteries last night, and they are $6 or $7! It's ridiculous! I just want to weigh myself!
  Anyway, I have gained back some of what I lost. I'm going to try to get back down to the 10 pound loss during the rest of this week and then on Monday I will have a new battery, and a new start on the diet.
  This week I am also starting on my first This Old House project in my list of projects. I'll be putting a new ceiling, walls, and flooring in my upstairs bathroom. I also bought tiles while they were on sale for 9 cents a piece. That's a projects for later though, and frankly, it scares me to death.The walls are bad enough. I think I might have to pull the old stuff off, (Has anybody alive today even heard of rubber asphalt?!) , and I'm afraid of what will happen to the plaster underneath if I do. On the other hand, if I don't, will the rubber asphalt start to come off after a while and take my new walls with it?! Or should I just remove the plaster too, to begin with? But then I have to put up dry wall. More expense and more stuff I know nothing about doing!
  I'm going to have a couple of doll posts up in the next few days. I made some more finds at Salvation Army last night. I'm beginning to like Salvation Army better than Goodwill these days. Salvation Army was so dark and kind of smelly too.And we used to be friendly with a lot of the staff at our Goodwill. Emma worked there, so we knew about everybody. That was  several years ago now, and the staff has almost all changed. I know a few that are still there, and some that have come since,but the currant staff at Salvation Army are much friendlier. It's still kind of dark in there, and it still smells a bit musty, but I have had so many good finds there in the last year and a half or so. (Don't forget my 10 cent Barbie New Dream House!) So stick around for the upcoming posts. If you liked the last Salvation Army Strawberry Shortcake find, you're going to love what's coming...

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