Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Thrift Store Finds Part 4: Davey and Goliath Puppets

  It's been awhile, but I still have more finds from that one week of thrift store hauls a couple of weeks ago. Today I'm showing you these puppets. Anybody remember Davey and Goliath?
These guys are full sized hand puppets. They were 49 cents each at Salvation Army.I found Davey one day, and Goliath several days later!

Davey and Goliath was a children's tv show created by Gumby creator Art Clokey.
"We thought we were the only ones!"
The series used the same 'stop motion' animation as the Gumby series, and shows like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. The characters were made of foam over a poseable armature. The eyes and mouths were made of paper so their expressions could be easily changed. 
 It began airing in 1960 and new episodes were made until 1965. It was later brought back and more new episodes were made. I watched it as a kid in the 60's.

Ken volunteered his arms...ok, I asked him.He's not much of a puppeteer.

Goliath was Davey's dog. His catch phrase, (Yes, he talked.), was "People never listen."
Davey's friends Nat, (from the 60's shows I watched as a kid.) and Jonathan Reed, (from the later 70's shows), were some of the first African American characters to appear as friends of a white lead character.
The series was made by The Lutheran Church.

While Davey's faith in God was a part of his life, the show was praised for never being 'preachy'. The lessons taught were about respect,tolerance,right and wrong, and manners: lessons everyone needs to learn, regardless of religious preference.
  Davey and Goliath episodes can be bought on iTunes. There is also an official Davey and Goliath website. You can go there HERE.

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